Prostitution, Marijuana and Gays good for Barbados Economy

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Jeremy Stephen talks Marijuana being good for Barbados’s economy, but he forgot two very strong and thoroughly practiced industries; i.e., gay marriage and legal prostitution.

Ask me, I think you should talk to Mia Mottley to see what she has planned for you when she becomes the next prime minister of Barbados.  It is suspected that gay marriages and sodomy laws would see a complete overhaul and acceptance under the law in Barbados once she is sworn in.  Not to mention prostitution, which clearly follows the gay and housewife lifestyles.

And, taking into consideration that Barbados is a tourist destination, why not have these threesomes: gay marriages, decriminalize marijuana and legalize prostitution, as part of a progressive economy?

Here’s a snippet of what this Jeremy guy had to say:

“By committing so many resources to the condemnation of marijuana you will realize that tax payers in this country lose every time a drug man is arrested or every time a shipment is seized.  I estimate quite comfortably that the amount of marijuana confiscated in any given year in this country is around 10 million BDS dollars- from just going back through some records once a month and you add up all. So then you can roughly estimate that 700 million dollars worth of product passes through this country every year. At seven percent you are getting just less than 70 million dollars in tax revenue, which more than covers half the bill for policing in this country.”

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Prostitution, Marijuana and Gays good for Barbados Economy”

  1. First of all just because something is on the law books does not mean that it is not being perpetrated throughout the nation. So what would taking buggery off the law books accomplish? I cannot say the last time I saw a homosexual in court for being a homosexual. It’s ignorant and backward. Mia would do a far better job than the clowns we have “in charge” right now. Ans I totally agree about the decriminalisaton of marijuana.


  2. blacksugga2 ,

    I must agreed with you , I respect her for that ! I don’t hate the Lady , I actually Like her ,She is Very down to Earth ! not like the Current Government ! except Mr Patrick Todd ! But I have to put Country first that is where we parted . I Honesty believed She is going to take the Government in 2018 ! The Word on the Ground is in her favour ,not that I would like it ,because of her life Styled ! but I can see at this moment ! 75%%%%%%% in favour of Change ,the Government have to performed a Miracle to win in 2018 , they haven’t done it in 8 Year’s ,I don’t see it happening .Good bye Stupid Government, refused to adhere to the People ,and their concerns ,allowed the poor to become poorer ,the Sick became ,more Sickly , the hungry to die , the lost to perished ,what do you think the results would be on such great Suffrage of a People.


  3. YOU actually ment ,2018/Sodom and Gomorrah! If the Barbados Labour Party Win’s the next Government ! The (DLP) IS Working Overtime to hand the (BLP)the Government ! Well done IDIOT’S!


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