Ralph Gonsalves Accused of Sexual Assault While in New York City

CARIBBEAN/ST. VINCENT (Naked Departure) — RALPH GONSALVES — The prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is ONCE AGAIN being accused of sexual misconduct/rape.  While at a town hall meeting in Brooklyn this past Saturday, a woman stood up and point blank accused the minister of rape!

Luckily, she was in New York when she accused him of this sexual crime.  Luckily, he has diplomatic immunity while in the United States.  Luckily, while in St. Vincent, he cannot and will NOT be sued because ministers there don’t go to jail for rape.  Also, luckily, he has laws that would capture any such accusation, in St. Vincent, as defamatory!!!

How many young women need to accuse this man of (serial) sexual assault before he is restricted from travelling to other islands and first world countries?  How many?


KINGSTOWN — Embattled St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves denied that he is a serial rapist and said that the cyber crime bill passed on Friday was meant to crack down on criticisms leveled against his administration.

Gonsalves, 61, has been accused of brutally sexually assaulting at least five women — including a 36-year-old female police officer who was assigned to security duty at his St. Vincent mansion — but none of the cases ever went to trial because the prime minister keeps the national security portfolio that controls the police department.

“It’s not like I’m Bill Cosby,” Gonsalves confided to a close friend. “What have they got me down for?  Five rapes total?  Bill Cosby is accused of 57!  Where’s the justice in that?”

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Ralph Gonsalves Accused of Sexual Assault While in New York City”

  1. That quote at the end… if that’s for real… if he really could be so cavalier about being a rapist, he could as well declare svg a dictatorship.


  2. As civil servants and human beings I strongly belief in CONFIDENTIALITY. Please respect persons PRIVACY . I am a government worker in a profession where those two highlighted words guide me at and away from work. We all have problems leave them at home and treat others kindly. An approachable face, kind soft words and an listening ear can make a Difference for someone who is having a hard time. Remember that old saying ” today for me and tomorrow for you” . let’s be kind bajans and get through these trying times together.


  3. It is known that the man is a rapist from way back and cannot be touched just because he is a P.M. of the lowest caliber. Don’t tell me this is the man so many leaders in the W. i. look up to. He is taking us to a new low on the world scene.


  4. SO! YOU is another Dictator in the Caribbean ,running a mock ! Well Mr Gonsalves ,you’re not going to be prime minister, for Life ! That’s when you will be dealt with .


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