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Suffering from Malnutrition and Don’t know where to Turn

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, I thank you in advance.  Naked, some years ago I got in to a bad accident and had a settlement.  I brought myself a home so I would not ever have to worry about rent.  I am medically unfit for work cause I have lifetime injury and pain and still is a patient and living on painkiller.  I receiving a very small pension the bottom as I was a maid, sometimes I wondered how …how I am managing, it’s so much to do with so little and one bill is asking for it all.

I get depress when the check come in the mail.  My cost of living I can’t afford I live simply eat simply I am living the life of a hermit.  I can’t go out to Q I can’t do anything.  It’s an added expense I can’t afford.  Our last budget I thought that disable pensions would have an increase I was disappointed you see most of use can’t help ourselves and have to depend on others and would have to pay for services rendered and lately medical services at the QEH one have to pay for.  I am unable to have these test done and some medication I have to do without the only bill I have are water, light and phone.

Naked, my pressure is up on this.  Friday I receive a tax bill to pay by the end of the mouth and get a discount this exceed my pension, how?  What am I supposed to do.  I wrote to the island revenue last year explaining my difficulty and followed it up with a phone call it was received I never got a response how are people like me are to survive our quality of life does not worth it.  I was told last week to go to welfare to get some assistance I would prefer death.  I visited the welfare department some years back with a letter from my doctor.

I was not eating well and was borderline malnutrition it’s just couldn’t afford anything.  I was eating to survive I couldn’t and still don’t eat nutrients my body needs.  When I handed the letter to the lady and did this reluctantly seeing the attitudes meted out to recipients, I wanted to leave the building but my inner thoughts was racking my nerves to stay, against my better judgement.  When I handed the letter to the officer she said “no dietitian don’t work here take that to polyclinic we can’t tell you wa to eat”she turn to the lady next to her and said “look at this showing her the letter this doctor say assist this 45-year-old lady who financial disposition…….she was loud and abrupt by this time every one in room eyes must have been on my back.  I was so shame it was very embarrassing I didn’t look back I took the letter and awkwardly walk away to this day I don’t know how I got home.  Rehashing this bring tear to my eyes, I gotten so sick from that episode I am a very quiet and private person and I didn’t need that at that very difficult time in my life.

Naked my faith is what have blood running in my veins.  No one cares about the underprivileged.  I wish I could get up and help myself.  It doesn’t make no sense asking anyone cause life is hard for everyone.

PS, thank you Naked.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. Antoinette, is not about this woman only we might help her but there are hundreds other out there ,governments needs to use tax payers money to help the unable and stop giveing to de white rich. The question is how we can help is lobby governments to look after its less fortunate these people receiving as low as hundred dollars a week to pay bill and buy food wa ? Wa? Ya going to start? With that especially if ya got children .goverments sat down in parliament recently and ask for an increase .i am disappointed in DLP/BLP Every body want easy money and want to be a politician but these we got fa political leaders imoney mangers that don’t know a shite bout wa going on


  2. Listen to me, you dont have to spend a lot of money in food contrary to what most Bajans believe. I had to go on a special diet because of a health issue. I’m eating healthier and saving a lot in food too. Potatoes cheap, pumpkin, cheaper, beets dirt cheap, okra cheap, breadfruit even cheaper. Most you would have to spend money on is on meat. But, egg cheap, make use of tin foods and buff it up with things like lettuce, beans etc. You can do it! I hope things get much easier for you. Stay strong!


  3. The less fortunate the elderly disabled the sick can be easy be forgotten,governments need to look at these things ,A person with a disability as most of us look at as a person who don’t have a life yes they do they have family and children to feed and send school ,some can’t make a living some became disabled by an accident a fall you name it they are unable to provide for then self and they are a part of this country,provisions should be put in place to exempt them from pay taxes ,Certain groups of people who meet specific criteria don’t or shouldn’t have to pay income taxes .This lady can’t meet her living expenses and ask to pay a government tax.She did the right thing to make sure her priority is to have a roof over head otherwise that would be another added expense
    There is the council for the disabled what is this body doing beside sitting on they laurels ,
    Are you a club I have not hear or see you lobby the government for increase in pensions due to the rising cost of living for those at the bottom of the scale,you lobby the government for law to be inforce disabled parking ,you can afford a car but the less can’t .so that’s how far the council see .For years both governments have for gotten the less fortunate in this country

    Governments needs to look at policy’s to waver taxes from those people who pensions are less then $600 a month.
    Unions need have speak to the peoples they represent, as long as I am in the union no body can’t do me nothing like if de minister send me no body can’t.
    This is destroying this rock ,welfare department has a reputation,why it’s the less fortunate who is already trotted to be further trotted,some head need to be cracked CLEAN UP THE WELFARE DEPARTMENT the polyclinics the hospital,were people go in this country for social services provided by tax payers bad attitudes prevails .


  4. Old School !
    Me to ,It Shook my heart , I always heard about these dog’s at the Welfare department, treatment towards person’s with Aids ,and who are in need of serious help,them believed that our tax payer’s money is theirs Can any one Send Photo’s of the dogs ,at the Welfare department ,let’s make some dog Kennels for them ,and have a Company donate some dog Chow ! for treating our people in need this way !


  5. My advised to you sister ,get some Ground Food ,Sweet Potatoes ,Yams , English Potatoes ,Barley ,Flat seed , Oat’s and Green Bean’s, this would helped you tremendously , and give you back your Energy ,and Strengthen your Immune System ,and Muscle’s , this is what you have to eat , and get a bottle of B _ Vitamins . you would never feel malnourished again . Bajan to the bone !




  7. I watch and I listened and I think and I think deep you see this Barbados we going down hill it’s unions ministers judges lawyers government officials teachers to cut to the chase people in leadership positions evolve to white minds check the behaviors ya have to beleave they see them self as evolve and elevated from black, An elevated black from grassroots barefoot become white slave master and sees who he was as animals he’s now human,so who haven’t arrived are animals or less then an animal,so a HUMAN like a politician who was once an animal we made human turn around and treat us worst than the lowest of animals They lose every thing they had love empathy sympathy compassion when they were animals the mind of the masah


  8. THE ! Welfare Department PIG’S ! Same as the (CCB) USELESS ! and despicable bunch of Garbage , Should be put in a Pig pen to Work ONE day the tables will turn,on you all that treat our Citizens in need of Serious Help ! the said way , God is looking down on you all ,your day of reckoning is near .And for the CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT ! THAT HAVE NO MERCY ! ON THE DISABLE ! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! WITH THE NONSENSE END’S OF CHANGE, YOU GIVES TO THE HELPLESS IN THIS COUNTRY ,IS SHOCKING! REMEMBER SICKNESS HAVE NO BOUNDARIES!


  9. You always hear how vicious the animals working at the welfare department are to the people who approach them with human needs. Without the poor and disabled these same pigs would have no jobs. The way things are going, they may soon have no jobs. They are too limited in intellect to understand one day they may have to approach these same people they illtreat, for help. Education did nothing for those workers, their ignorance rules their lives.


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