slavery white man with black children

The End of Innocence

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE SLAVE CODE — Naked, knowledge is power and people are now armed with all this knowledge (The Slave Code).  Are they going to start a revolution?

Are you going to finally say to yourself it’s time black people start to uplift one another?  Are we going to wrestle away the wealth of the white people or are we going to be contented to stay in this mental slavery forever?

I feel sometimes it’s better NOT knowing.   Just imagine a shift in economic fortunes and black people find themselves controlling the wealth in Barbados.  Can you imagine them empowering their brothers and sisters?  You only have to take a look at some of them who have managed to climb the economic ladder and see that not even their children aren’t allowed to go to some of the same schools that they themselves benefited from.  They must congregate with white or bougie children….

My point is I don’t care how much experiments they performed.  All of us have a mind of our own.  We have the ability to decipher right from wrong, good over evil, gay or straight, etc.  No code or experiment will define who I am.   I’m not responsible from where I came from or who but I’m responsible for where I am going unless a chip was implemented in my head at birth.  I’m responsible for me.  Nobody can’t come here and tell me no shite about no code and I buy into that crap when I have a mind of my own.   Some of you are so gullible you’d believe anything.  If tomorrow someone said we originally came  from the green monkey some of you would believe it as well. …

You have a brain, use it!  No one determines your destiny but you.  YOU ARE LIMITED ONLY BY YOUR IMAGINATION.   Adrian of Naked Departure

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “The End of Innocence”

  1. Well .well well he finally get the right boot Mr Downes is gone for good .gone from the home he once share with his wife olivette yes its true .olivette give him his final clothing the other day and the wife is happy about it also she is saying they is no going back so the coast is clear for the outside man to enter now and i heare he will be easing in soon photo of them both is on its way


    1. Its on the streets in pasture rd that olivette Downes house always in dark sense she put out her husband because that’s the time she makes het move she ease the men throught the gate at the back and its more then one man that she f….. They come in and get there c… And leave early in the morning before break but I want her to no stop breaking up people homes someone will hurt you for that because she break up her home put out her husband .and now want to break up homes .. Thats het trade break up homes any how men becareful smell before you enter because u might be sorry after words


    2. Olivette Downes stop letting the women men through the back gate your are playing a very dangerous game you may get hurt


  2. Word on the road that olivette Downes of pasture road bank hall that has a shop opposite a garage is that she is sick that her p….. Is leaking it was broad cast on the streets and she dident say a word so all thatmen that no her and want to f… her smell your fingers i also understand that she makes her moves at night in the dark so you cant realy see it .so men if you want to f… The w….. Try a daytime .and stop killing children every man she had i here she kill a child for which means who give her the infec….. She dont no because she had to be dident wearing any protection .shame her husband tony must go and check him self if he f…. Her in the last 4 weeks get tested mr downes as news come to hand you will read .


  3. Can’t Waite to see these nasty pictures everything expose send them fast le me make she shame she got to much talk for people and has a dirty closet .and above all has no shape a all it will have to be she p…..that traping them well olivette if its d… want f….all the men but dont forget you are married woman shameless SL..naked pictures fast flat a..


  4. This story is not base on the above mention ok. This is the wife from pasture road bank hall olivette downes :word is that she bring the police to put out her husband tony from the house what a shame she is saying that she want to go back to her old days that is rob men so I understand she lives alone now so she can do what she want now she is saying she can get any man she want all the men want is p….. That’s no problem with her .at all .but above all she is still a married woman and doing all these nasty things in public she meets somr of the men outside .i must share this one she has pronogrofy photo on site that she send to woman in bed .olivette you is a real wolf in sheep clothing I will try to gather some pic to post on her nasty behaviour imaging a married woman and have so much stains for a young woman .photos coming very soon


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