Barbadians Need to Dismantle Racism, in the Interest of Self

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked the link below shows how black Bajans can dismantle the racist yolks around their necks, placed there by minority crooks and thieves calling themselves “white” in their own self-interest.  Barbados is a majority black country it would be easier to stomp out the nasty practice.

This strategy has worked for centuries…as we can see it has been successfully identified in the US, it’s coming to an end.

Blacks in Barbados adopted it and routinely use it on each other…copying from the little shithound minorities on the island who learned decades ago to use it as a tool and weapon againt the majority black population on the island…to get their own way, to steal land, to steal wealth, to bribe the slaves and pimps in parliament. They also pretend blacks on the island don’t exist or are invisible.

“I feel a kinship to Obama in this sense. The CEO of Trump’s campaign, Steve Bannon, is also the head of Breitbart News. For months on end, they dogged me and drummed lies saying that I am secretly a white man pretending to be black. Like Obama, I was eventually forced to address their ugliness and tell my family history before the world to dispel the ridiculous lie. It was so stupid that I thought it would eventually just go away, but it became the #1 trending topic in the world and was the headline in papers and on nightly news shows everywhere.

A key strategy of bigots and white supremacists has always been to reduce people of color to being less than human, less than full citizens. If they can demean the very identity of people, and make it seem like they are worth a little rest than everyone else, it then justifies, in their mind, the derision they are sure to send their way.”

Well Well & Consequences September 27, 2016 at 9:23 AM:  That is because the powers that be are WEAK….weakened forceably then voluntarily by decades of abino-centric mind wash…they live in someone else’s fantasies and have for centuries…they do not know their own history and have never embraced their own past.

The world players have not only embraced their repugnant past, but have come to terms with it within themselves and are much better equipped to move on to their next bullshit thievery or scam or murder for profit…….to be repeated again, decades or hundreds of years into the future.

…….Caribbean people, in particular. ..have not yet reached that threshold because they do NOT know their history, have not embraced their past of victimization and are unable to forge their own future because of it,…..the key lies in knowledge of the past.

It is by design that blacks in the Caribbean do not know their history…..the design of the same shithounds in UK……they know that knowledge is power….and did not want that power to reach black hands.

Their blame lies in the fact that they refuse to stop living in the british fantasy…….and break the chains from their minds.

So true…it needs a line all its own…

“A key strategy of bigots and white supremacists has always been to reduce people of color to being less than human, less than full citizens. If they can demean the very identity of people, and make it seem like they are worth a little rest than everyone else, it then justifies, in their mind, the derision they are sure to send their way.”

The majority black nation….black people of Barbados has the responsibility. ..to bring this mind-numbing victimization to an abrupt end…it’s their responsibility because their leaders are weak and useless.  Well Well & Consequences

The link: http://ow.ly/9ZXp304BLqi

THE BARBADOS SLAVE CODE video by Naked Departure:

Naked Departure

17 thoughts on “Barbadians Need to Dismantle Racism, in the Interest of Self”

  1. You guys don’t get it…Those who have the money control the power. Those who have the money control the politicians. Those who have the power rule. Those who have the power dictate who, what, where, when and how.Those who have the power, are by and large, the white minority.

    Having said the above, it is true that Bajans, for the most part, are ignorant of their history and are fine with that. They, for the most part, are not curious enough to find out about their history. My parents were taught nothing of their Caribbean history. Do you know why? As mentioned above, it is by design. If you KNEW the TRUE horror of what was done, there is no way that an intelligent person could accept the current situation in Barbados, and throughout the Caribbean. No way.

    A couple of years ago, speaking to a Black Bajan performing some work near my house, the work was ugly and I was told that it was being done in many areas on the island in celebration of the settlers of Barbados…Say what? You, a Black man, are happy to celebrate the settlers of the island. The settlers that marked the beginning of the genocide of Ameridian and Black people…that is who you are preparing for…and I was told that the design is reminiscent of days gone by…Days gone by when the Black man was legally enslaved..and you, a Black man, are supporting this type of work and celebration. That same man told me that it was good to have enslaved the Africans as they were illiterate….I was speechless. Of course, that is not the truth but in this person’s mind, it was a valid reason to have enslaved a human being. Incredible. I was shocked that this is the type of mindset that exists today, with all the resources available to learn of one’s history and know the truth, this man chose to believe the unbelievable. And this person has children to whom he will pass on this very soul damaging information.

    Freeing one’s mind is the most important step to acquiring physical freedom.


  2. STOP ,check what we are here doing now every one of us pointing fingers ,Barbadian this and Barbadian that ,What are you doing ? Cause it start with you and me ,they laughing at us every time they read these blogs,who willing to stand up and be counted,We are a people who like to sit in the back and do nothing .
    We need a group started we need a motivational speaker we need a place we need permission,we need a brave few souls .we need a rebellion we have to end slavery .A rebellion to boycott businesses,
    I for one is willing ,I tired being a slave


  3. Your leaders are the ones forcing and reinforcing the slave mentalities, they are the ones, the politicians and government ministers making sure you remain thinking like a slave. Do you see them doing anything to bring about changes.

    They are the ones making sure you are just there to provide wealth for a few thousand minorities. They are the ones making sure you do not have the business opportunities to invest in your own country without a fight.They are the ones refuse to put systems and laws in place that would end the violation of your rights to own your country, to invent, create and be successful by the thousands.

    They are the ones need your votes to be reelected or elected to continue to disenfranchise you. You are the one to put them in parliament or say you will not put them there unless they stop aiding the minorities to steal your land, steal your wealth, steal your contracts every year.

    You are the ones with the power to start shattering their greed, racism and thefts.

    If you are too weak, your children and grandchildren will suffer and it will be because of your weakness. You will be the ones to blame.


  4. How will the message be disseminated to every lazy Barbadian? Will you go on the “Jolly Roger,” and alert the “Simple minded darkies,” known as Barbadians that their 5% population slave masters, and the political prostitutes in parliament, have been ripping them off for years? Barbadians suffer from”Emotional Sclerosis” and massive self destruction in always under construction.


  5. Sounds like you dont want change, sounds like you want YOUR children and grandchildren to be slaves. Sounds like somebody in the minority population pretending to be black, so that they can continue to be lazy parasites living off the backs of the majority blacks.

    But it will not work, not anymore, get off your lazy asses and stop being parasites.


  6. It only takes one determined group of people to make that change, unless they want to see their children and grandchildren being mistreated, while the politicuans refuse to do anything about it, but expect the majority blacks on the island to elect them and make them ministers of parliament.

    If the ministers dont do anything, you have a right to withhold your votes.


    1. you don’t seem to understand the gravity of the Barbadian condition. Barbadians don’t care about children in terms of having a morally balanced child turned adult. children in Barbados are the result of people who love fooping. black people were made to be slaves and they will be future slaves, in case of an emergency.


    2. if we are to believe that barbados was a LAB, an EXPERIMENT, which turned black people into animals/slaves, and now the 5% white population ARE STILL in control….what is it you are not getting?


  7. You do know it’s your leaders who allowed the racism bad treatment from in the schools, unfair distribution of wealth to happen to their own people. They were supposed to protect the people from those blights on the society after political independence, but they have been always too busy looking out for themselves, trying to get rich, neglecting the people.

    Now it has only gotten worse. Only the people, the majority on the island can undo the damage.


    1. it won’t happen. black people will always be slaves, whether on active duty or inactive duty, and they are not doing anything to correct the inequality, the racism, the imbalance. black people actually like they way things are.


  8. All we do is talk and talk it is getting worst more and more white are setting up companies in Barbados .we don’t like our self we were thought black is bad .when I was going to school t.he teacher told me I was to black to be a brownie and only the light skin children could sit in front seat only the lights could of carry the sheald and could be the monator or prefect we the black we always left out and ones to be beaten.wE highlight when they they do somthing for us like the white man taken water in st Joseph we treat them like they are royalty.


  9. This is wonderful, get the message out, everyone on the island is intelligent enough to understand this, most people have experienced it, now you know that you are not the problem, the racists are the problem, do not tolerate racism, do not condone racism, do npt enable it, you are the majority in your nation, a black nation. You do not want to leave racism in place for your future generations.

    Dismantle it.

    Demand the respect that you are due.


    1. They won’t do anything. They don’t mind being slaves of time past and slated slaves for the future. It’s the strangest thing to see…to witness….


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