Clarice Bourne and Mr. Abed

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CLARICE BOURNE — Dear Naked, I back on this one Clarice Bourne now.  Before she minds her own business, she’s minding mine.  She seems very interest in who man I with.  I letting you Clarice know I could be with any man I want and I still intact boo.

You need to go and find out who the little girl child father is and stop messing with Mr. Abed for the kirtions (curtains?) in ya pop-down house and tell boa you need a DNA test cause that child is his.

And look that one Sabrina.  Humm.  God don’t like the ugly.  Taking up the francante power and Kim Abed money  and going to sole cafe Mexican grill in the gap and buying crap knowing the money in yours.

Kim Johnson you need to open your eyes and see these two people you have in the company is stealing Kim Abed things.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Clarice Bourne and Mr. Abed”

  1. The woman could give her fronts to who she wants, You like you giving away yours to the men of your choice and saying you “remain intact”. What does that even mean? Stupse. smh


  2. So what’s wrong with that half of wunna have nothing to offer the women and the other half bulling so girls do wunna ting do let these pop down men in Barbados continue to fuck one another cause them only using women as fronts wid dem down low shitty dicks bajan men too nasty…..If the Syrian men have something to offer I say go for it if all you want the men for is money expect all they want is p—y I find that’s a fair exchange


  3. Nothing new. So many black Barbadian young girls and women are involved with the Syria and Lebanese boss men in Bridgetown it is not funny. ND should start a list on this.


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