Corey Gibbons of Harewood of Hillaby Should be Shot on Sight

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — COREY JUNIOR LEROY GIBBONS — Shoot to Kill.  There really shouldn’t be much long talk when you see someone the likes of Corey Gibbons sliding into your house or place of business, unannounced and unwelcome.  You know he’s there for one reason and one reason alone!  You should kill him and the police ought not ask you one single question because you would have done Corey, the police, the court system and the world a favor!

Hear this:  “Sometimes I don’t be actually thinking.  I had a rough patch with the family.  My grandmother died, then my uncle and I was stressed. I [was also] in some trouble with my mother and got laid off from my job.  I wasn’t stable Sir.”  (And you know what he really said was edited by the reporter!)

His charges include:  Entering the house of Juliette Murray on March 31 and stole a tablet valued $900, a cellphone valued $200, a chain worth $420 and two watches worth $900; that he broke into Murray’s house again on May 6 and stole two laptops worth $2,200 and a watch worth $1,200; and that he entered Murray’s home for a third time on September 3 with intent to steal.  Gibbons also admitted to stealing a cash register valued $1,000 and four fuel vouchers worth $200 belonging to K.L.C Enterprise Ltd.

Why he don’t go and rob Bizzy’s house though?  Or Maloney’s?  Or Bjerkham?

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Corey Gibbons of Harewood of Hillaby Should be Shot on Sight”

  1. This is a story that started when he was just a little boy. He has been in the system all of his life and whilst not attempting to make any excuse for him; every week one of “them” are in the court charged for breaking the law.
    As humans we are not all connected in the same way, for those of us who have been blessed with a positive spirit it is a gift and we need to give thanks everyday.
    The collective “We” also have to find real working solutions for the deviants amongst us, for they too belong to us.
    An examination of our repeat adult offenders will show a large percentage of juvenile delinquents who entered the system and were duly processed.
    I honestly cannot say that they were helped by the system as it is structured, nor can I say that a large percentage of them are able to process enough information as to be able to make a difference in their own lives with whatever assistance is offered to them.
    It saddens me to see so many of them play their lives out to this script. They graduate from the little house to the big house and hardly ever pause in-between to get a life.
    To be safe we will put him in jail, what choice do we have, we will shun and ostracise those least able to help themselves, but I pray that one day we the “more able” will find a better way.
    The only way to save us is to save them, this is real life and fences and gates and iron bars will not make it safe for us. We can no more live in fear than we should ask them to live in fear of us.




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