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Dane Condell from Nelson Street

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DANE CONDELL — Naked, I hope that you would help assist the young manager or supervisor girl from Burger King.  I talking about the one that does drive the blue Toyota Axio MB—-.  The same car that is used as his taxi.

Well I hope I get your attention.   The man that you got is a user.   He is a foreigner that want citizenship in Barbados.  When he first land here he had Sabetha from Nelson Street who was always in at he apartment but he say that she might be pretty but she cannot do anything for he so he find you who got a good job who can either help he pay rent or put food on the table.

Don’t allow yourself to be a fool.  He says that you might not be too pretty or got the best shape but with your job and Bizzy backing, he surely will be a Bajan soon.  Girl, I know he may be handsome but you are intelligent…, I hope.  Don’t be fooled.

Dane is a lying mf that has an agenda.  He makes sure he hides under his many hats that no one can tell who he is when he on the move.  I hope he knows that Sabetha man Tony  sick.

I would like the immigration to know that he working and in suppose to be working.  Look he up and get he stinking tail from here.   Anonymous, Caring Proud Bajan

Naked Departure

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