Ryan Straughn

Listen up Ryan Straughn

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — RYAN STRAUGHN — Naked, I keeping this article short cause I watching to see what these big-mout men really about.  There ain’t one thing you Ryan can do about the downgrades happening in Barbados, except getting your personal house in order.  Make sure, Ryan, you are a good man and you go home every night without any guilty conscience.  Lead by example Ryan.  The real you seeping thru cause you look real stink in that photo for the article in the paper.

And, another thing.  Throw away that pink shirt and wash your face next time you step up to a microphone in public Ryan.  Yuh mekking me shame.  That’s all.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Listen up Ryan Straughn”

  1. Keep up thee good work RYAN don’t mind these bad comments look how far you came an make it an these C—S can’t get this far it’s sad to downgrade people an can’t have BRAIN like him


  2. Wtf???? WebHack your head want checking boy/girl /gay /freak / I wouldn’t have anything bad to say about Ryan have spoken with him on few occasions we’re not friends but I admire his intellect I just question his motives / credibility now he’s gone political different people go into politics for different things…stupse crawl back under your rock and make sure the storm don’t blow you away Joker


  3. I have no doubt Adrian wrote this article and then commenting on it as if he/she/it doesnt mean to be personal. some people in Barbados so sick.


  4. He’s too deceitful already. Use to call in on Brasstacks pretending to give an unbiased nonpartisan analysis of the economy when he knew he was doing the Opposition’s bidding.


  5. Ryan boy,you may look musty, but soon you too will thief Barbados blind. Dat ain’t gine be hard to in Mia’s administration, especially when Mia start biting up some pu–ies. Ryan you might look like you run far away from Vaseline intensive care lotion, but thieving from the people will help you, just like it helped Michael Carriington, Chris Sinckler, and Michael Lashley.


  6. I’m not going to get that personal but I happen to have a lot of respect for Ryan but like you I’m watching very closely I think most people go into things with good intentions but they get sucked in and have to tow the line to keep the status quo…I believe he would lose all credibility once he aligns himself with one of the established political parties if a new creditable party was formed he would be more effective of course how can you establish credibility if you’re new one might ask well just look at the quality of people and make a sound judgment that’s all you can do..I really love this man’s ability as an outstanding economist but I’m weary if his intentions now he’s clinging on to Mia’s bloomers I’m watching you Ryan


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