Natasha Greaves of St. George

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NATASHA GREAVES and GLINE CLARKE — Naked, that welfare story published here y’day got me beat.  A lot of people here in Barbados got it hard hard hard.  Thank the lord for my breadfruit tree and the enna yard I got that I could plant things in.

But I know of a woman living in an apartment up here by me in Newbury, St George name Natasha Greaves, she bout 36 or so, getting her rent paid by welfare through a politician.  He name Gline Clarke.  I think she works also, she does hair and I don’t know how true but I heard her saying she got a shop in town.  She on facebook.

BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY MP GLINE CLARKE arriving at Parliament yesterday. (Pictures by Lennox Devonish.)
Gline Clarke (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)

So you see Naked, you talk (but she probably doing more than talking Naked) to the right people and you get your rent paid.  And to think, she’s not the nicest of persons.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. Well she would gotta be f—-ng Clarke good. The Clarke brothers like to f—-k them tenants and housekeepers and if you refuse to f—-k with them they take offense and fire you. I know this for a fact because I was one of Gline Clarke’s housekeeping but I f——- him off. I use to overhear him on the phone talking with his brothers about their achievements with their women target and who woman f—- them and who ain’t budging to f—– with them. Clarke brothers living in Barbados are no use I was a housekeeper I heard almost everything.


  2. You all missing the point you all are getting side tracked,it’s not about gline Clark,pic in bathroom or sex or she look like a clown ,
    The writer was saying how she felt about the welfare story published on naked few days ago and this lady Natasha greaves who works does hair she think she have a store in town she don’t know how true she went on to say welfare is paying her rent through a politician gline Clark ,
    Now the moral of the story is …..A disabled woman suffering to the point of malnutrition ,depression and the welfare insulted this helpless woman ,And here there is this strong healthy young lady about 36 working doing hair on the side and most likely have a store in town and welfare pay her rent through an opposition politician .we always get side tracked .We need to stand up and write about these things check ya neighbor ya sister ya grandmother ya uncle father bring they story to naked the world needs to know we are heavily tax cost of living is high people are suffering and our politicians liveing lavishly and people dropping dead on the island.


  3. Sorry, what’s the moral of the story? Get a politician but dont let the jealous neglected woman know about it or she’ll post it?


  4. now you all ppl dont realize that p********y does sell like water in barbados,, i dont understand how women can sell their body and soul just to get thru,, no kinda values them got, then the men does talk about them bad,, and just when a good man come along, and settle in he does run n go because he start to hear of the past and what them use to do,keep wana f****king legs close,, stop selling wanna pussy,, and then want a good n decent man to come n settle in with you all,, no pride at all


  5. I also know of a woman nothing is the matter with her and she receive three hundred a month she sell clothes as well two grown children.she got one of those houses from the welfare.ya got to know Sombody.


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