Barbadians must know THE TRUTH about their History!

BARBADOS/HISTORY (Naked Departure) — THE LAB — The greatest keepers of slavery are those upon whom history’s experiment was initiated; i.e., Bajans.

Barbados has offered the European mind space a clarion call to actions that have led to the introduction and maintenance of the repressive legacy of slavery in all forms, still to this day.  If Barbadians offered any fight to change their lives, at least one could contend that they were trying.  But it is the slothful nature of Barbadians that lends itself to Barbadians being the “Most comfortable Slaves on the planet.”

Where else on the planet would 95% of the people allow 5% of the minority to not only indoctrinate the majority, but to rule them completely?  The moniker “Little England” fits Barbados and Bajans applicably, because Europeans are treated better in Barbados than on their own places of birth in Europe.

Bajans just don’t get it and for that reason seminally, no other tribe in the black race can ever trust Bajans. The traitors to the black race began with Bajans and continues to this day with the itinerant treachery and hatred that Barbadians have for themselves and for the black race.  Bajan Rebel

Calling Barbados the ‘Gem’ of the Caribbean says it all in terms of your total denial of THE BLACK time in Earth’s history!!  You can’t even face what happened at the center stage and Barbados’ role in human, African genocide.  You cannot bring yourselves to teach your children that Barbados was the GREATEST EXPERIMENT known to man of turning AFRICAN HUMAN BEINGS into ANIMALS.  You can’t bring yourselves to come to the point of thinking you went back to the architects of this GENOCIDE and begged them for work….

You are implicated!  If you work(ed) for THEM, you work(ed) against yourself and your people.  You helped with the ‘experiment’ and the ‘genocide’!  No wonder your trident is broken — it denotes the ultimate in betrayal!  You still work for THEM now!

What a legacy!  What a story that MUST be told!

Naked Departure

2 thoughts on “Barbadians must know THE TRUTH about their History!”

  1. All of this negative can be rolled back, unshackle your minds, break the chains put there by man..

    They were put there by mere man, they are not permanent, you make them permanent when you do not remove them.

    Help those who need the support to understand.

    That is the strongest force.

    No negative manmade plans can stand or survive against that force of support..


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