I Feel Helpless Living in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  Naked, I feel helpless because there is so much I wish I could do but I’m here trying to survive and this is bigger than me and there is no support from those who can help.  How can a country celebrate 50 years of independence when its people are so poor and misguided?  Our ministers travel all over the world to conferences and summits, but what for?  What information have you learned that is of any benefit to us as a country?  These ministers really have no soul.

We’re at the bottom cussing each other out, breaking our backs to out-do each other not realizing that we’re still at the same place we were 5 years ago… at the bottom cussing each other out and trying to out-do each other.  Our children need nurturing so that they can reach their full potential.  We need to stop reshuffling the cards and get a whole new pack of cards.  To hell with the DLP and the BLP!  Let us find and elect a whole new set of people.  Forget about who your grand mother and great grand father voted for!  The people they voted for initially are no longer here!

Like some of our own grand parents, they are long gone and these people we have running our country are not those people.  Then there should be an independent audit done on the entire public sector which will trickle down to the private sector and all criminals should be brought to justice by a judge who has no ties to this country, just so to ensure that the process not be undermined.

Forget the normal way we do things because it isn’t working.  The hospitals, schools and why are there more libraries in the country/what are we doing with the community centers around the island?  Is there any after school programs?

Why are pedophiles and rapists on the streets?  Why can a man sleep comfortable at night while his children go hungry?  This makes me really upset.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

18 thoughts on “I Feel Helpless Living in Barbados”

  1. Ram Indian !

    Watch ya Mouth ,and your Language, without Barbadians you couldn’t have achieved such,and pleased respect our Women, the said way you want us to respect your Indian Women,and we do have a lot of respect for your Race! So Pull back please.


  2. Indians (and syrians) run this country. They have taken over almost the whole business sector and have been able to do so because black people have allowed them to. it makes no sense grumbling if wunna black people are ok with going down whitepark road and buying wrappers for spliffs and drinks etc from the Indian muslims who dont give two shits about you. They get and laugh and talk about black people and use certain words to describe black people. They make blacks feel as if they are cool and would laugh and talk dialect and cuss in front of ghetto black people just to make you feel that they are like you. They pay out the politicians to do their bidding. The Adams from Lakes Folly (their daughter Abeda is a big BLP supporter ) are corrupt beyond measure. so are their family in st james (of the chicken wings fame). Indian muslims pay bribes to get their own way in this country. they pay bribes to get their children in certain schools. they pay bribes to get marks in common entrance which they did not earn., to get politicians to do things for them
    you should feel hopeless cos things are hopeless


  3. Who the hell would want to live in a shoe box like Barbados, around the likes of “African Snails,” known as bajans. I am Indian and glad as hell I can and do go back out of this dump, known as Barbados. Wunna criticize Guyanese, but bajans are like crabs, wunna can only tear down one another. My family has been in Barbados for forty or more years, we own stores and the properties on that god forsaken piece of rock. Bajans always begging for something,and over the years in our stores, bajan women will eat the corn out of my shit, if I want those nasty slits to do it. All we care about is getting our money from these bajan slugs, and moving on and out of that shoe box, Barbados.


    1. Well how come you are still in the shoe box country after 40 years? It is such a horrible place why haven’t you moved on, as mentioned in your comment?


  4. Politicians will remain just that as long as they control the purse of the people, meaning most of them have control of the money for their own purposes via bribes and fraud. The offshore and Swiss banks can easily attest to that but they will not. The Panama papers gave us a little insight on the extent of fraud not only in Barbados but the wider Caribbean as a whole.

    We have ourselves to blame for this sore and festering scourge on our people who don’t have the will to fight the Police and the Legal system as we now have it, but murderers, Politicians, pedophiles and many undesirables flogging our system without any consequences.

    What with the Unions not standing for the rights of the workers and allowing the minority to allow the sore to continue festering for fear of losing certain perks and offending a few thieves.

    Cast a thought back to the Maloney debacle and his breaking all the laws of the country with impunity. Where will this leave Mr. Cummins at Town planning? Will he ever have the heart or the balls to dictate to the lowly individual who don’t have the funds to adequately defend his property? How many deadlines have passed without any action taken against people like Maloney and his bosses? None. We will never know the amount of bribe money he has paid out to crooked Politicians unless he take a fall and spill his guts on the bribe takers which will never happen.

    Barbados we are in for a long tough ride downwards and we must stop this bleed on our meager resources. We cannot rely on Worrell, Bjerkham or Sinckler to do the right thing for us to the detriment of themselves and their buddies.


  5. These millions that’s the private companies is to have barrow from government is a disguise that how the politician get it out the treasury without they name attached.ask why would a government would let private entities borrow million and not pay back and let it go and few thousand students borrow and and government take way pensions from retired people’s who had stand as surety .that why them went to parliament to extend the retirement age of the auditor general and public prosecutor.


  6. The politicians get bashed because they can do much better. They do not have to take bribes. They can do much, much better, they do not have to bring in all these foreign investors to rape the island while giving them decades of concessions, they do not have to give government contracts to the same few people for the last 30 years, with very little benefits to the majority black population, they are not fair in the distribution of anything to blacks on the island…their own people who elected them….they deserve their bashing.

    If they were doing the jobs they got paid for by the people…no one could bash.


    1. @Truth

      Sorry but you are wrong. All these things you speak of are being done by people who have NO choice as they have sold their souls to the devil. You could elect a whole new set of people, and same would occur. Why? Because it is the POWERS THAT BE that control the show. The elite that control the show. Always will be unless and until WE THE PEOPLE make it stop. Stop not through elections, or intervention by foreign bodies, they too are controlled, but by the general population. People who benefit from any given system WILL NOT EVER give it up for the benefit of their victims. Never going to happen so the only alternative is to rise up, as always. Now rising up can take many forms. You have the power, through your dollars, to break any enterprise that is in business. Stop giving them your money. Stop giving business to those who disrespect you. The sole purpose of any business it to make money. Hit them where it hurts the most, their bottom line.

      As an aside, everything that is happening in Barbados is happening in all the countries of this world. All of them. It is because of Barbados’ size that things are more evident. More in your face and therefore more discernible, if one is wise to the game. So don’t be fooled in to believing these incidents are particular to Barbados.


  7. Start the ball rolling by taking back what is yours from the thieving minorities on the island. Don’t trust your politicians, they are sell outs.

    Do not accept bad treatment in your own country.

    Shut down the country if you have to, they cannot afford it.


    1. The country shut down right now, so may be getting the next flight to Iraq or Iran, Syria, Russia or Greece might be an Option and bid Barbados good bye then all troubles disappear.


    2. We are the politicians because they come from amongst us. To get rid of them is to get rid of us and then we’d become Haiti (no disrespect). We need to love ourselves and treat ourselves better and stop taking shit from the foreign racist rapist who operate in Barbados under the guise of being entrepreneurs and business people.


  8. Feeling upset because people are suffering is admirable. I think that blaming politicians is pointless and puts too much blame on the wrong culprits. Politician bashing to me is another form of the black on black syndrome. The reality is that it is black politicians who have been responsible for most of the social advancement of black Barbadians over the last 60-70 years. Why do we speed so much time on our black politicians and let our private sector totally off the hook? Don’t get me wrong, there are some politicians I don’t trust and some that I do but I just feel like we are too quick to bash black and let the White, Syrian, Lebanese and Indian business persons get away with raping us of our money and not reinvesting any money in our communities.


    1. @Tommy

      Who do you think REALLY controls the country?The White, Syrian, Lebanese and Indian. They control the politicians, end of story. So who you going to run to?


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