Response to “Simple Minded Darkies” Post

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Weren’t this and other social media forums created to spread the word to “simple minded darkies”.

I thought that was the reason social media is being used, this is where the changes will start.

Criticizing for criticizing sake is not helping, the ones with certain skills can reach the people you perceive as simple minded, but may not be simple minded as you are diagnosing, they may just need the confidence, they may just need to know other people think like them, they may just need the encouragement.

People do not share information on the island, a society with secrets, so no one knows the truth, only rumors and lies.

You have to start somewhere.

Start by sharing the truth, sharing information, build confidence, give more encouragement, criticism only when it’s warranted.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Response to “Simple Minded Darkies” Post”

  1. Respect to the person who wrote this. It breaks my heart the way society is. I feel helpless because there is so much I wish i could do but I’m here trying to survive and this is bigger than me and there is no support from those who can help. How can a country celebrate 50 years of independence when its people are so poor and misguided? Our ministers travel all over the world to conferences and summits, but what for? What information have you learned that is of any benefit to us as a country? These ministers really have no soul. We’re at the bottom cussing each other out, breaking our backs to out-do each other not realizing that we’re still at the same place we were 5 years ago… -at the bottom cussing each other out and trying to out-do each other-. Our children need nurturing so that they can reach their full potential. We need to stop reshuffling the cards and get a whole new pack of cards. To hell with the DLP and the BLP! let us find and elect a whole new set of people. Forget about who your grand mother and great grand father voted for! the people they voted for initially are no longer here! Like some of our own grand parents, they are long gone and these people we have running our country are not those people. Then there should be an independent audit done on the entire public sector which will trickle down to the private sector and all criminals should be brought to justice by a judge who has no ties to this country, just so to ensure that the process not be undermined. Forget the normal way we do things because it isn’t working. The hospitals, schools and why are there more libraries in the country/ what are we doing with the community centers around the island? is there any after school programs? why are pedophiles and rapists on the streets? why can a man sleep comfortable at night while his children go hungry? This makes me really upset


  2. For heaven’s sake, stop the game playing Barbadians! I’ve observed over the past ten years the many things you have inculcated and are practicing that are foreign and are not for your higher good. But, those that would be of significant benefit requiring a positive attitude change everyone feigns ignorance. The black bajan not knowing their history is as false as Jesus being a white man.
    The whole of black Barbados are not dissimilar to those house slaves, even though they knew their lot, were contented to remain enslaved simply because of the few privileges they enjoyed from their masters.
    I knew more of our history as a boy even before I sat the 11+ exam,
    how is it that these fools with so much more available to them
    don’t know squat now.
    Support, all that Barbadians need is support as one poster posited.
    The only support these gully monkeys are willing to accept is my money or whatever they can try to con me out of. How many times I’ve tried talking to old ass black bajans men and all they want to hear about is some woman’s big butt.. The women, all they seem to want is to find a rich white man…or a woman since the proliferation of wickers here lol


  3. The only thing black people of Barbados need is support. Support from each other to each other. Nothing can beat that or get between that….support and unity continue to rule and will for thousands of years into the future..

    Knowledge is power, use your knowledge , take back your power.


  4. I was saying this very statement we need some brave souls
    Stop the criticism let us come together count me in I ready.


    1. I have been living in Barbados for 9 years now and consider it my home. In my neighbourhood, I observed young men and women just doing nothing so I organised academic classes for them and we are also in the process of brainstorming entrepreneurial ventures. There is also football and art and craft. My point is, we need to do more empowering and less cussing out of each other.
      It’s time to wise up and rise up. And with God’s help all things are possible and achievable. Get organised!!


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