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The One Foot Fellow

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, as a man I shame to write to you as I here with a heavy heart at how some of us men treat women…yea women does do we some fu**ery but then pun the other hand we does f**k up women.

My friend LB from the Black Rock area is a wicked sob. Imagine he married to a woman almost three years and he kick she out the house because she would not give he she car to run taxi.  Naked the wife left she job almost a year now and she is about 8 months pregnant and that stinking man don’t even give her any money.  And every day and night he pun the road using the woman car dropping women all over Barbados.  He can be found on single sites looking for more p**sy.

He had money when the father was alive but now every thing the father left for he dropping to pieces.  Every day God send he at the airport with a piece of paper talking about he is a manager of a company that got one employee.  He suck that woman dry and now trying to finish she off.  She paid for trips to the US for him and help he fix the stinking house, buy he all kinds of nice things…. and not once that man did anything nice for that lady…..  He ain’t got no heart towards nobody but himself.   He selfish to the bone.  I wonder if that is what he was taught when he went school at the college in Crompton Street.

My heart bleeds for the wife cause she really doesn’t deserve the treatment she receives but I guess now she money dun he ain’t got no more use for her.
Trust me as my friend I hope that tables don’t turn pun he …..

Anyhow Naked, I gine wait till the baby born cause I know my arms gine be here for her cause I will make her mine……   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. Wow you’re jealously in love with that woman I hope you do a better job if you get her cause lust/love disappears once she’s yours then all of the fantasies also goes as well..see my baby has that problem as well everyone wants to know how come I ain’t marry her yet girl if you did mine I’d marry you in one you are marriage material you look so sweet I can’t believe you ain’t have no children the whole nine yards…But what they don’t know is apart from all them good looks is a miserable woman lol i will marry her jus not yet my friend I hope you plan to be in it for the long haul


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