Michael Dalrymple aka Michael Bryan

BARBADOS/CARIBBEAN (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL DALRYMPLE aka Michael Bryan — Good morning Naked Departure.  As far as I am concerned,  this website is to warn people.  I keep sending this and you not putting it up.  No matter how much proof you have, Bajans don’t want to believe you.  I’m not spreading rumors.  I am not spreading the disease or purposely hurting people.  He is!!

This is just to warn people because of the stories I am still hearing.  He is still dealing with a lot of people.  Your website helped a bit.  I may not be able to save the world but maybe a few.  We all know that nobody wants people to know you have a disease this bad, but when you are going around hurting people without a care, that’ a different story.

I wish more ladies spoke out on this.  I may not be the only one.    Anonymous

If anyone in Barbados has been adversely affected by this man in any way, please write in and tell your story.  This story was here before and it received harsh responses by the accused.  But, this time around, please….if anyone; any man or any woman knows of this man and can corroborate this story, please speak out so that all are fully advised.

Naked Departure

14 thoughts on “Michael Dalrymple aka Michael Bryan”

  1. ADRIAN ,,JO,, guys forgive me my head was in the clouds when i wrote the comment,, had just gotten a good work out from my dildos, brain was still foggy lol,, ANONYMOUS my dildos are safe,, i use them and wash them, i know where there are at all times,, and at any time i have doubts about them that they get too closes and touchy with each other i am going to change them, they suppose to be straight not fluffy ,ANONYMOUS i long to have and feel a real dick again but too scared,, there is only dick out there that i know is safe but he and i are too close cant spoil the friendship,


  2. Why thank you Miss London you have me blushing wasn’t always this good but I got better with age…and what the hell are you doing with dildoes put them away before you hurt yourself and find a good man


  3. ADRIAN tongue and cheek,,some ppl do take things as there see it, and may take that advice,,i am not saying i am smarter but i try to use my head,andi think small and low when it comes to men,, men only about one thing, maybe two,, the p*******y and your money, not to mention if you got a car or jeep, now you see there is another lady speaking out against this man and this time she is also calling or mentioning the child mother, you just dont call names unless you are sure and have facts, women keep wanna legs closed what the f****k is wrong with you,, go get a dildo i have two,, get one untill that man can step into a doctors office with you,and get tested,, i know there are some good men out there including ADRIAN lol,, also my good male friend, who any woman can shut her eyes and be comfortable with, oh by the way my friend dont want to give his number but he say he will create a email so you ladies can give a shout,,, women becareful, too many fluffy men out there


  4. Micheal dalrymple from bayland st micheal this guy had over 1000 woman thats a figure but the guy fuck alot a woman he tek way some woman pussy to he rape some but still no evidence to the police the women does back down this guy has a problem its in his genes he grow like this this didnt now start i had deal wid this guy 17 years ago and if he int change cant see how he would now he have bad ways and goodways he would fuck any woman fa material things if u int have nothing to gave him well you int saying shit he love english women he love pounds and u could be the fatest women if u have money u fuck bare sweet talk yah pussy get eat wid ice but this aids thing shock me if he gave this lady aids any man would do it or any woman would do it hes a saddest and nobody cant change that his hair isnt dropping out and curly his teeth intact he int breking out he rideing hebicycle all over the place he int shitting he pants yet so i just dont know what else to fucking say but just dont gave him na more pussy cause he fuck men to white men


  5. I know him personally and though I ent know if he has the virus or any other std I know he I said a nasty b—h. Would f—k a dog in a skirt especially if he can get lil change from them. He use to play volleyball and was always begging and harassing minors. He use to have a different white woman at. Olleyball every week. Michael is nasty. Have heard many stories about him whilst at volleyball. This is not the first time he is being accused of rape.


  6. Miss London you see that’s what I talking about how come you know better don’t you think the women out there have as much sense as you cause if they don’t they’ll perish Btw that statement was made tongue in cheek ok I have sisters I also have daughters I would think they’re smart enough not to fuck with a stranger and if they have that urge to use protection and even that is not enough bajan women like too much raw doggy if I met a strange woman now and we got intimate if she don’t like condoms she also don’t like me red flag my friend


  7. well well i just cant believe jo and adrian,, you all got children,, girl children and sisters,, you cant look and tell something wrong,, so condoms is the safest way,, and now you kno ladies know even if its a lie dont fuck this man at no cost,,, women just keep wanna legs closed, no pussy sharing till you know he check out good and test good, buy a GPS and put it under the car seat with out them nasty men knowing,, i saw a few that look like watches buy them for them to wear,,, again women keep wanna legs closed,,, nuff of these men out there cheating and down low and fluffy,,thats why some men dont want to get involve now,,cause of the nasty men and them dont know who women them had,, i got a really good male friend for years now,, and this man would love to find a good woman but scared he pick the wrong one,, lots of STDs out there,,if there are any nice ladies out there on this blog, i will put his number up for you all to call if you looking for an honest hard working guy,, but only he agree,, will ask him first,,, ladies shut up them legs,


    1. miss london, I got Adrian. Apparently you did not. Some would read and hear that this man is sick and would look at him and say he looks fine. They would forget about condoms based on how he looks. If he doesn’t look like a skeleton, then all is well. Btw, I am female and do have children.


  8. He was involved with Carla Jones from Sargent’s village years ago and gave her a terrible STD I had to take her to the doctor he is nothing nice and I was her best friend at that time he is a sick monster!


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