The SLAVE Race and a History of Hatred! Video

THE WORLD/SLAVERY (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — THE ARABS had a monopoly on this market, NINE HUNDRED YEARS or longer, before the whites (Europeans) got in on the lucrative game of slavery!

THE VIDEO:  THE slave gene that only black and/or dark-skinned people seem to possess.  We’ve always heard about the eunuch, but my god!  What do we really know of the history of hatred of black and/or dark-skinned people throughout the world?  Since when did having dark skin become a curse?  As long as there is big business/enterprise, wars and capitalists, there will always be slavery of black/dark-skinned people.

‘Historians believe that from 80% up to 90% of slaves taken to Arabia died immediately after they arrived in Arabia (like in the Caribbean).  The reason is said to be of infection caused by a savage way of castration and the remaining 10 or 20 percent were castrated hence, unlike their counterparts in North America, African slaves in Arabia were not married and did not produce children.  This explains why we don’t see a community called African Arabs like we see in the African-American community.’  (edited)

This is not taught in Caribbean schools because it wasn’t the same slavery that anyone there was affected by.  But EVERYONE, especially Africans, must know this history because it shows that black people in the world, on Earth, are an endangered species and slated to be FULL-FLEDGED slaves again, in cases of emergencies — and there’s always an emergency.

For a black person to say they are not a slave simply means they are woefully ignorant of their status!

Money does not set you free — the truth does.

Naked Departure

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