Christopher Prescod

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, all women need to beware of a certain bus driver at transport board by the name of Christopher Prescod.  He drives a green Toyota and lives in Foul Bay, St Philip.  He goes around telling women he doesn’t have a woman.

Well let me tell you he does!  He is a woman user.  He’s always disowning that poor woman.  That woman is so nice, don’t run around, always from work home.  I would like him to treat her wid respect cuz he running round wid Thariah Payne a f—–ng s—t and w—–e and many other women in uniform from GAIA.

But what he don’t know is that one of dem is HIV positive.  I hope that his friends from transport board sees how he’s treating that poor girl who don’t run round on he.

He really let me down.   Anonymous

Naked Departure


11 thoughts on “Christopher Prescod”

  1. transport board I hate this man I knowd who he goes round with that is why I had to put him on naked he’s too unmannerly and ugly wid it too I don’t know wha women find on him


  2. D poor man now is going to blame somebody wrongfully why u all don’t cut Dis shit out and stop trying to destroy relationships if u all had things to do u won’t try to make people lives miserable


  3. I changeing my name from anonymous cause u know a man that have AIDS haveing sex with school girl and you have not report it .i want you to know that it coming right back to you and your.


  4. I work at the transport Board, and I know for a fact that Prescod is HIV positive. But more scary than that he does f—p school girls. He fooling a Lil girl right now. The man is sick with HIV.


  5. Your honour this client is misleading the jury of nakedness, this lady come to court of public opinions with no evidence whatsoever I ask that this case be dismissed with out prejudice for lack of evidence.we now ask that this accuser go and bring raw evidence on de dam thieving lawyer


    1. Driver are responsible for the bus from the time their start they duty until their complete their duty.
      Passengers should be aware that when you board a bus you are putting your life in the driver hand to take you safely to your destination.
      We commuters on any transportation should give respect when respect is due (speak when you board any sort of transportation even if someone give you a lift in their own car
      Manners maketh man
      Just because the driver don’t allow we commuters to do as we please on the bus we consider them as unmannerly.
      Then to say he is ugly beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everybody beautiful in their own way
      Good look can’t buy nothing
      A story have three side your side,the accuser and the truth
      I know this person and that talk about schoolgirl is a damn lie not him I can swear to that


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