Conditions at Star Chick Worsening

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — STAR CHICK — Hi Naked, Star Chick is getting worse and worse, it is not getting any better at all at all.  A truck driver walk off the job here last 3 weeks ago because it was hard on him and he couldn’t take it anymore so he left the job.  The trucks need fixing bad and them would not fix them and them still want them on the road working.  I can’t understand it.

I feel he does pay off MTW because when them go up by MTW to be looked at MTW does pass them and them back on the road again them trucks want fixing inside and outside bad and them still does get pass when they go up by MTW all the time.  Sometimes them don’t even go up there at all and them still get pass because he is paying them off that is why.

Them trucks are not safe to be driving on the road at all but money talks so anything will happen.  He got a new place down there selling chicken and he would not fix the problem with the trucks.  A freezer man get fired too from down there as well saying that he walk off the job.

Wendell Clarke is a wicked man a very wicked man that is going to church fooling people all the time.  The egg trucks need fixing also but nothing is being done with them but yet them still on the road working.

This place needs looking into for real Naked.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

40 thoughts on “Conditions at Star Chick Worsening”

  1. if the chicken that coming from these place aint good then the public should speak out, i swear next time i will take back the chicken, whether its star chick or not,, the goverment ministers need to look into these businesses,, but then again some cant and will have to turn a blind eye, you know why them too F******king hand to mouth these stinking ministers,, get on like them dont get a salary,, but them got to be hand to mouth cause them want fk down the place, so them got to be on the take, a bunch a crooked F******kers,, wont even look out for the poor man wealth fare,, thats why i aint vex some some them young pretty face young girls,, if the ministers want wanna P*******y mek them pay top dollars for it,, no less than 10 thousand per pop,, all like that one lashley,, he like nuff young p*****y,,so in a month you can got 50 to 60 gran,, lol, i wonder if he still got that NURSE girl from bank hall out to the side of district A police station,, if she aint get a house out of he she would be a real real cut,, cause when he had she he had a new born baby from another woman,, and the person aint hide it,, they make sure barbados knew cause they send out congratulations on the radio,, expose he cu***t lol,,young girls cover up dem shitty cocks cause dem bulling bad,, buy nuff condoms, male and female ones


  2. But cost u less don’t look at temperature for chickens them dost just take them them don’t even look at the trucks temperature at all them just take them and don’t look at the dates too on them. So star chick will get away all the time with it.


  3. With all of these people that is falling down dead now days u have to worry about it and ask yourself what is making these people fall down dead or sick bad so just like that but seeing this here now about star chick chickens and wrong temperature them coming at at the supermarkets and so on it got me wondering now if all of these bad chickens is causing it makeing the people sick or something u got to ask yourself so.


  4. But if u ever go at cost u less and watch star chick trucks off loading the chickens them dost be off loading the chickens out in the hot sun and at that temperature it is not good for the human body to eat it will make u sick.


  5. These supermarkets like Jordan’s and Carltons and massys cost u less need to stop taking these star chick chickens before them make someone sick or something and get sue. These chickens from star chick dose come to the supermarkets at a hot temperature and the trucks dost be hot as well too also and got wrong dates on the chickens as well to fool people. I work at a supermarket so I would know what I am talking about .


  6. Yeah that happen to me too as well when I went to buy a chicken from in at cost u less I find out that them was star chick I didn’t take it up at all I went somewhere else and my chicken star chick chicken is no good at all the 4 packs in at cost u less is from star chick too as well I don’t know why them keep buying that chicken from star chick.


  7. Look I met the young lady he fired last year via a male friend of mine and we was in cost u less and I was about to buy chicken and she say love put back the people chicken and bo chickmont and buy chicken I ask why and she say them is STAR CHICK FOUL… look i never put back chicken so fast but thanks love


  8. Wendell Clarke of Star Chick and Peter Harris of CGI has to be the most blogged Barbados businessmen on this site. They have a lot in common always shafting people and paying bribes to government officials to get away with their crooked and fraudulent activities. 1000 Frenchmen cannot all be wrong about these two low life individuals.


  9. Hmm like he fileing for bankruptcy now too so that he will not have to paid out the workers that have years there and other people that he owns money too he wicked and he mouth sweet sweet sweet with lies.


  10. Xtra chick and choices getting nuff bad chickens from him too as well but u know what he own them all anyhow so that will happen. Also them sale trucks that sell for him as well I will have to look at the dates on them from now on because nuff old chickens dost be in them trucks too.


  11. If the supermarkets taking the chickens hot and not at the right temperature this will happen the trucks is not working good them want fixing so that is why this is happening these people at the supermarkets back doors need to test the trucks as well as the chickens for the right temperature and dates on the chickens them have a code on the chickens as a date so that u can’t understand it to make u buy the chickens when the dates is long gone so it will be bad when u get home Wendell is a wicked man he is. All I can tell u all is to look at the dates before u buy anything from star chick.


  12. Yes I too have buy it and it was no good the same very thing happen to me as well with that chicken from star chick Ltd why is the supermarkets till taking these chickens from star chick they are making people sick like hell why is no one looking into this place why why why what is going on in Barbados what is the government doing about this place.


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