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BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — DENIS KELLMAN — What family he looking out for?  You mean his wife’s family.

Kellman is my cousin by his mum side.  I send my daughter and my son to him for a job.  He took their details and told them to go service commission and sign up.  Them told him them already did.  MY DAUGHTER HAVE 8CXC 4@GRADE1, 3@GRADE2 AND 1@GRADE3.  MY SON GOT 4, 2@GRADE1, 1@GRADE2 AND 1@GRADE3.

The kids went back to him on two more times.  When he ask them to bring their certificates and their CVs all this was done at MOONTOWN, HIS PLACE OF BUSINESS.  I EVEN SPOKE TO HIM.  WOULD YOU BELIEVE THIS MAN TOLD ME ‘I DIDN’T KNOW YOUR KIDS WERE SO WELL EDUCATED’.  I TOLD HIM YES I MADE A LOT OF CHOICES TO MAKE SURE THEM WENT TO SCHOOL.

After not hearing from him and the kids calling for his unmannerly wife to insult my daughter?!  One day I called her AND TOLD HER IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS DON’T SPEAK TO MY DAUGHTER LIKE THAT!  Then I told him and all he said was ‘sorry’.

Well, I went to the opposition who is not in power and my daughter and son got jobs in the private sector who was knocking them back.  God bless Miss Mottley.  You are not in power but you saw two young bright kids who had great potential.

My daughter is now a senior accountant in her job and my son is junior manager.

Mr Kellman don’t like the people of St Lucy, he like their money and votes.  St Lucy people in Josey Hill and Pie Corner is what I call political yard fowls because if you can’t help me, I cant help you.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. because he is family to you by his mother he is to give your children a job he is minister of housing and land not minister family hand out if that is the case ,killman you is my long lose brother from another mother
    I know what got you ,you see killman went and put that young girl that is family in a top position at housing you int see the problams that cause with de union ya think killman follish that why he tell ya go to service Commission ya didn’t know what he was doing if ya did do that and call him and tell him ya did as he told ya and he would call and speak commissioner and ya children would a get de job .ya living to choose to de moon you like ya dreaming, killman don’t care bout you no politicians for that matter it’s about self .
    Don’t kill ma do.ya sound you so stupid like ya don’t have much up top ,ya make ya self look like ya stuped .He Said he didn’t know my kids was so educated.I think ya come to tell we ya got educated children with cxcs and i think ya should let them not stop there Maybe the might grow up to be like their cousin .Don’t
    send ya children to politicians begging for jobs that is not so smart.You make choices now now make time to teach them to work for what they want. Don’t make them killmans


  2. Am I missing something here? What’s the point of this again? Oh oh you wanted us to know your children did well in school well congratulations I’m so happy for you and they’re both working how sweet. ..Anything else? Well ease your ass of the blog and find something worthwhile to do


  3. So you threw together this ‘article’ because you were disgruntled that your cousin by your mum’s side didn’t hook up your kids with a job? Grow up.


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