Judeen Robinson: No Cruise Ship Agent(s) in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JUDEEN ROBINSON fka Judeen Scantlebury — Naked, a man was arrested for posing as a Cruise ship agent here in Barbados back in 2010.  His name is Owen Brown.

People!!! There are no agents here in Barbados representing the cruise lines.  There was one recently in the Nation Barbados and the lady’s name is Judeen Robinson formerly Scantlebury who she and Owen Brown used to work together at separate offices, claims she is an agent and she operates in Mall 34 Broad Street (Trinity Recruitment).  She used to hire years ago for an agent from Trinidad called (SHIPMATE SERVICES) “shipmate@carib-link.net” and one from St. Lucia called “MAMPA”(mampa18@hotmail.com) but they found she was SCAMMING people and they finished with her, but she still continued to operate.

So peeps, she is not legitimate anymore because she took over a $1,000.00 dollars from people for a training called STCW TRAINING COURSE AT THE HARBOUR FOR OVER A $1,000.00 PER PERSONS. JUST ADD THAT UP.  Please note: you are paying for a training but no job is guaranteed or promised.  But those trainings you will have to do on board the ship again.

I have been working on ship for over 15yrs and so many people I know called me asking about her and my answer to them is always “I hope you have not given her any money”.   She also has tons of photos of people in her office who would have gotten a job when she was legal… as a disguised to tricked you into giving her money.

People again, open your eyes not your pockets!!   Cruise line worker-Anonymous

Naked Departure

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    1. Check on line and you will see that there are not one agent registered in Barbados. Oh shit!! I know some people that went to her and had to pay a lot of money and never got didly squat. There are still waiting. But here is what she’s doing. She’s is recruiting people who will pay her for some type of training but there is no guarantee you will get a job and who in their right mind pays that kind of money and there is no guarantee. All I know for a fact that she took money for a training and those people never got a job even saw a ship in the harbor.


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