Financial Hitmen/Crisis in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — FINANCIAL HITMEN — I read on NAKED DEPARTURE yesterday, where an individual was complaining about illegal behaviour within the COB Credit union.  I have no experience with them, so I cannot comment.

What I do know is that the one I deal with displays a lot of unethical and illegal practices.  And intimidates people to the point where you are left to feel that you are nobody and you can’t do anything about what they do.  It there no oversight?  No agency that monitors what is being done and how ordinary citizens are being duped by them, their lawyers and insurance companies?  Why are the people of a whole country being hung out to dry, abandoned by a government they elected to serve them?  When this government changes, there needs to be a whole Ministry of oversight (anti-corruption) and hire a whole bunch of lawyers and professionals to set this island back on course and give the ordinary people a leg to stand on.

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I want to cry when I think of the things (that I know of) that people are forced to endure and don’t have an outlet, because no one is listening.  And talking about “celebrating” 50 years of independence.  CHA.

You can’t even get to talk to a minister in this country. You send emails, that are never answered.  You call the constituency offices, and you have to leave a bariffle of info, but no one calls you back with an appointment, and you can’t just show up.  You have to tell them what you want, and they decide who they want to see.  I was successful in speaking to one person, who has a more open policy.  But it is like pulling teeth to get someone to address your plight of being abused in this place.

If not for Naked Departure, what would we have?  Who would publish what we see and print our early suspicions when people brush us off?  People, keep your eyes open for these financial hitmen.  Thank you Naked Departure.    ANONYMOUS

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4 thoughts on “Financial Hitmen/Crisis in Barbados”

  1. Stay far away from crooked lawyer Shane Thompson of Holder & Company on Roebuck Street. He is very dishonest and would sell out any client for financial gain. Never ever use this leech unless you like giving away your hard earned money.


  2. Getting a bunch of Lawyers to oversee any financial institution is akin to having the wolves watch the sheep. Most of them are crooked to the core and will be protected by the chief Lawyer Freundel. Doubt me? Ask Byer or Carrington and a few more in our dishonorable Parliament.


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