If a VOTE made a difference, you wouldn’t have one

ST. VINCENT/BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — ONE DEMON, ONE VOTE — It’s not your vote they want, they pander to your stupidity!  EVERYONE in the world knows or should know that if a VOTE could make a ‘difference’, chances are you wouldn’t be allowed to have one.  If it’s worth something, you probably can’t afford it!  In third-world places where VOTERS are poor and stupid and easily bought, that sentiment is compounded!  So in essence, voting is a game people like to play to make themselves think they have a say in their (worthless) lives.

People with the zeal to rule people and salivating at the prospects of sitting in political office must have other ways to ensure their success.  The buck does not stop at the voter.   The psychotic zealots wouldn’t allow it!

If a politician makes you a promise, they know they’ve made that ‘promise’ to a fool.  You have to get more than promises from these politicians when they come around begging for your vote!  A VOTE for a particular person for the business of a particular thing should be tied to LAW and INCARCERATION should the (supposed) power behind the VOTE not be realized.

THERE must be strict ways to hold your officials responsible.  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results only brings to bare your sanity.

Overall, this thing called a VOTE is very simple and only made complicated by foolish people (and most people are foolish).

The CONTRACT (your vote + their assurances/promises + your taxes + official time in office) made between you and your representatives MUST be fulfilled and if there is a breach of the contract, the official must be fired, fined, punished (no pension), and go to JAIL.  Yes, that official MUST be burned on the proverbial stake!  Makes you think twice about running for office wouldn’t it!?

But, since this DOES NOT happen in St. Vincent or Barbados, all people who VOTE in these countries are FOOLS!!! Instead of the queen’s jail being rightfully reserved for these political infidels, they arrest the voters (their bosses).  Hence, the voters gotta be the biggest fools!  Can’t get away from it.  One plus one always and in all ways equal two.

Democracy (one demon, one vote) has NEVER, in the history of mankind, ever worked!   Sheri Veronica

Naked Departure

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  1. One vote equal dollars from the right politician or his paymaster to the poor voter who might also take dollars from the opposite side for his vote too. What is done in the booth no one knows


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