Joycelyn Havercome

Illegal and Disrespectful

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, why these low-class Guyanese always have something to say about the Bajans???????  Joycelyn Havercome, you really don’t want me to put your business on here for the world to see hear.  Joycelyn Havercome, don’t mind me, mind the child father that beat you in Guyana and made you send you daughter to ENGLAND to live cause you have nothing.  Joycelyn Havercome, you knows nothing about me and always talking my name.  Why you don’t talk about the man that don’t want you?  Listen Joycelyn Havercome, don’t ever come to someone’s country and you knowing you’re straight but don’t worry the immigration would be picking you up soon.

I will make it my  business to find out more about you girl keep talking my name with you friends.  Remember I’m a Bajan I have my own house and car I don’t rent and don’t run from man to man right.  THIS ILLEGAL SOME OF AH B****H ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.  BABYGIRL DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE YOU WOULD GET BURN JOYCELYN HAVERCOME.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Illegal and Disrespectful”

  1. Look every month this woman does be on here smh I tell yu
    If I was you muh girl I would go back home married or not I know it’s hard but I would have to go men hmmmm smfh


  2. If wanna hate we Bajans so bad you should stand in your country and be happy cause this is the only country them come to and do foolishness stupse… best Guyanese is a dead one


  3. Seems most of these Guyanese does know alot about us barbadians. They claim them came here for better but behave as though we are the ones who came into their country. I know one who’s illegal, bought a house, causes alot of confusion and always in church. When you come to somebody’s place you should be humble. SMH


      1. Listen if you think she drop from coconut tree u better think twice if you want her husband go get him but when it comes to her u better watch ur self.


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