Lisa Payne of Sagicor General

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LISA PAYNE — Naked, I writing to expose this nasty s****** from Sagicor General name Lisa Payne aka Moses Mosiah aka Foriambiscuit.

This girl so nasty she messing with a man name Ken Hoyte that two of her friends had from the same office.  Now Naked, this man gine through these Sagicor girls cause I hear he don’t like no work and looking for a woman to support him cause one out the two lick out $6,000 pun he when the money was dun so was he wid she.

So now Payne pick up Ken Hoyte can’t stop talking bout he and showing pic.  Word got out and them saying he desperate is a*** but he looking for support cause she look and does smell s***** wid she rubbery looking self.  Naked, the money she pay for Doddy Fitness she could of bought rope and hang her damn scarecrow lookin self.

Will send you info as I get it.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Lisa Payne of Sagicor General”

  1. i have known this man family for over 31 years, and obviously this woman that wrote this post seems to have an issue with the fact of being dumped. First you started with Lisa and then you moved on to ken. what do you expect him to like? he is a man and not a bulla. if a man going to spend his money on a woman its OK (keep in mind she aint ask for shit but yet it coming) but let a woman of her own free will, do the same for a man( he using her) it’s not acceptable. so what if they spent their money on him! Was it you, oh well it gone just move on. stop talking shit bout the man, he is a hard working man who doesnt depend on anyone for hand outs.

    It is a part of life to have obstacles in your path, so that you can look, think, plan, and maneuver to reach a solution best suited for you but also a lesson that you take with you. Nothing last forever. if he broke your blasted heart it will mend, time heals all….

                  You as a person NEED to  GROW TO ASS UP!!


  2. Naked that bh invited me out end up dealing wid it next thing I know my dy start breaking out went to the doc to hear I got herpes naked i did feel like licking off she head calling she won’t answer her phone she was in hiding cause she knew what she did so that man or men yah f***ing around better check themself


  3. Kartel was right, badmind is the worse disease. The guy obviously moved on with his life, the writer should do the same.


  4. So I’m confused! This post about ken hoyte or lisa payne? Whoever write this has to be an ignorant female rabbit because how you write a post about a woman being a slut but the only thing you have to say is that she made a poor choice in a man. Ken sound like more of a leaching bottom feeder!!

    All the writer did is make themselves look insecure, ignorant, petty and bitter…this ain’t even juicy gossip just boring drizzle. Just sound vex coz the man chose this scarecrow over their raggedy bottomfeeding ass lmao 😂😂 cackle

    Naked!!You ain’t have more interesting posts… Good Lord stupse


  5. Wow, such hatred coming through. That burden of hatred is too heavy…cut it out and get on with your own life. Writer, it is not worth it It will scar your soul ! Ken Hoyte was your man? Forget about him and move on with your own business and life.


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