Malcolm Boyce X6689

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MALCOLM BOYCE — Naked, this man right here is nothing but a wh****e.  Married to nurse Andrea Wharton Boyce who works at psychiatric hospital.  He is a snake in the grass.  He sleeps with so many women I can say because I am one of his victims and I caught him with another of his victims too.

He told me he was married after we got involved, and after I got upset because he lied about that, as well as he saying there wasn’t anyone else, I also found out he’s a player.  He plays his wife too…and jokes about it.  All the time I was thinking he was being honest he wasn’t …he is involved with two of his workers too.


A man from his work place made it clear he f*****ed most of his trainees too, he sends pictures to his women of his d***** … and received some p***** images too.  He tried hard to convince me that I’m wrong but I had to do what I had to do to get the truth.

The lies, lies and more lies, I’m sure he has a degree in that.  He claims his wife believes in him, so what he does is make her feel it’s all work and makes her believe he’s being relieved late and kinds of sh***e when it is that he leaves work early on his 2 o’clock shift to finish @ 10 and either comes to my house or goes  to his other hooties.

Well I’m one of them and I know of others so I know what I’m talking about…this male chauvinist…is very slick and smooth… his wife is naive and she needs to open her eyes…you may not want to believe Malcolm is sleeping around…but he is , and I can prove it.

GPS does work.  Malcolm Boyce what goes around comes around…X6689.    Anonymous

Naked Departure

19 thoughts on “Malcolm Boyce X6689”

  1. Just going to deal with the story.
    How come wunna does find out stuff after wunna get f–k.
    Moral of the story, open your damn eyes and ears and before opening your legs

    men like p—-y
    men does tell lies to get it
    men does beg for it
    men head does hurt when the don’t get it
    i have a friend tat says he does blackout
    see them last two… I made them up… but i would use them if i thought they would work
    call me names.. but I begging yuh, give it up


  2. BAJAN TO THE BONE as long as a man like men whether bisexual or not, as long as he lay with a man we say in the US that he fluffy, if a woman like women whether she bisexual or not we say she peachy,, ANDERSON MORRIS said some thing which i heard too, about the female nurses picking fares with the male nurses too, A friend of mines show me a pic on tagged of a woman who work there she in her 50s with a tongue ring and locks on she head,think she is a nurse or was doing the nurse course,, my friend say that this woman like women ,,but secretly,, say she fu***k two women she know, and when you she her friends on tagged they are bisexual women,, i also saw in her list of bisexual women a girl name ALICIA i saw her a few times,, think she is a police or a security officer but i know for a fact ALICIA like nuff p*******y,, how do i up load pics on this site


  3. Miss London !
    When you Say he is Fluffy! What are you actually Saying ! are you saying GUN SHOTT’S ! TO THE BISEXUAL!


  4. In Bullbados especially at the Mental Hospital, dem female nurses picking fares, and the male nurses does bull and pick fare with the female nurses also. Dem does thief the patient monies and the drugs dat dem suppose to give to de patients. You have naked nurses from dat hospital dat appear on here


  5. now this man was talking to a friend of mines sister,, and they got really close,, he told her his darkest secret cause he wanted to have a 3sum,, told her that he like to get f—- in the ——,,, so you know he fluffy,, cant trust these men,, and nuff men at psychi are down low,,,even female nurses and other women who work there too like p—**y bad and like to get f—- in the a—,,,, a few nurses there too sell p——,,, i got first hand info,, cause a friend watch a few got fun from behind a double glass,, even have videos with it,,by now the women there should know who like p–****,, but this man is a fluffy man,,

    THESE COMMENTS ARE ENDING UP IN ‘TRASH’. please, please clean up the language so we don’t have to retrieve from trash and fix…..


  6. Small rock 2 x 4 buhbaydus . . . you give a vehicle license plate and all residents 280.000 everyone knows who you are. . . . Do they use fingerprinting as means of ID in buhbaydus or they just use vehicle licenses as the main source of ID ?


  7. He wife ain’t innocent, she f—–ng too. She getting some D—–y out there at the Psychiatric Hospital, that is why she not worried bout that idiot. —–sy does do, what d—-y does do too. The mental hospital has nothing but w—–es and n——-rs out there. They had a big bubby half naked nurse on here from the psychiatric hospital. Dat nurse still selling she p—–y to a man at the Town and Country Planning. Naked go and look den nurses selling p—-y out of dat place.


    he was a married man you home recker. You come here now to ball out de man well let me be the first to tell you ,you are no good .You meet a man don’t know nothing about him and had sex with him a man by your own words have multiple partners .You all meet a man like in the movies and sleep with them with in the first hour,it’s not the movies for God know he was married he promise you he would leave his wife now time tell you the tales of his storytelling,now ya want to destroy his home cause you feel used.


    1. He’s the home are out of place to judge anyone or speak on anyone’s behalf. If he was being faithful and not giving his d—- to Mary Jane and Sue, then we wouldn’t be having remarks, And obviously if it is what it is, of course he had to lie to her and used her for his own pleasure, so that makes him a sweetheart doesn’t it.


  9. He’s gonna head home early and try to prove to the the wife that you are lying. Get a few more of his victims and tkae care of business


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