Wendell Clarke

Star Chick Owner Filed for Bankruptcy?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — STAR CHICK — Word reaching Naked Departure days ago and then again in the comment section of a blog is that Star Chick, Wendell Clarke, has filed for bankruptcy.

If anyone has the inside to this story, please write in because his employees and creditors would surely like to know if this is true (or not true).

BUT, does anyone really file for bankruptcy in Barbados when it’s so easy to just take the money, leave the country and leave Barbadians high and dry?  And with all we’ve heard about this man and his political connections, why do anything of the sort?  Why not simply close shop and let Bajans suck salt like all the others do?  Bankruptcy proceedings is a tedious process which means you will have to pay back your creditors in a structured payment plan set out by the bankruptcy court…and who does that in Barbados?  CLICO is a prime example of what really happens to people and their money.  YOU LOSE!

But, back to the issue at hand.  Has Wendell Clarke, owner of Star Chick, filed for bankruptcy?

Naked Departure

18 thoughts on “Star Chick Owner Filed for Bankruptcy?”

  1. If this didn’t get out he would of get away with it but now that it is out I don’t think he will get away with it now but u have to wait and see because he and the so call D L P people is working together these people need to be voted out.


  2. Wendell Clarke have a good way of how not to paid his workers that was there for a long time them better call n i s and make sure that they money is being paid in or them will have nothing at all.


  3. Wendell Clarke is a big D L P man so what u know that is why he is getting away with these things he is doing to the people of Barbados we have to get these D L P people out soon or we will feel it hard.


  4. That mean now that the workers will not get nothing at all not even N I S. If them get send home because of bankruptcy he filed for this is bad why do these people get away with these things here in Barbados.


  5. I feel that he is in trouble with the I N S so that is why he crying bankruptcy because he owns the I n s nuff money for the workers that he didn’t paid in that he take for himself.


  6. It maybe true because he is like that when he doesn’t want to paid money he does do that and cry alot and tell lies to u his mouth real good hear. He could go in with the D L P all of them is alike.


  7. His mouth is sweet sweet as would and he will fool u good good if u not careful with him when he done talk to u and cry to u u will feel sorry for him and that is how he dost get u do thing for him and then hurt u that is how he works on people to make u feel for him because his mouth is sweet sweet and talk a lot of lie to u he is a wicked no good man.


  8. This man Wendell is something else boy he real bad yea. People better make sure that them get they money now before it is too late and the rest of the people outside that he owns money too better go and get them money from him now and the chickens growers that he owns money to better go and get them money now or stop growing chickens for him as from now. This man is up to something but it get out some how.


  9. So that mean now that his workers that was there for a long time and got years there will not get anything at all if this is true he knows what he is doing.


  10. If this is true he is doing it so he would not have to paid out his workers he will get away with it. And he like he have it hide up from his workers too so that them will not know what he is about to do u just can’t put nothing pass this man he is a wicked man.


  11. If he has filed bankruptcy as alleged he has people in the High Court and dirty lawyers to do his bidding so he would only do this to frustrate his creditors that he owe continuing to not pay them. Wendell Clarke of Star Chick is a wicked conniving individual. I am one of the companies he owes a lot of money to and have been told a lot of lies.


  12. It will be really interesting to know the outcome of this and the reasons why this man will file for bankruptcy especially with all his connections, and since the preacher has been doing dirty with his workers and his chickens.


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