WOMAN anonymous

The Itch

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Evening Naked.  I was dealing with this man that owns a store for yearrssssssss now.  We ain’t nothing official.  He had he women and I had my men.  But I realize as he start dealing with this certain girl (dats she photo I send) my c*** start to i**h badddddddd.  Naked, so I call he and tell he bout it he tell me she had a lil yeast infection but das all he know bout.

I mean, this girl on every cruise, every event and she can’t deal with that yeast stupppseeeeeeeee.  All she knows is to ask d man for is clothes or makeup???

Girl, you are d best since you got he!  Guh and find yah child father and stop seeking a father figure in another man.

Naked, he tell me how bad she like a**l n how bad she’s do wen he b***ing she.  All I wan to know is how can a woman take care of the outside but not inside of her body????   Can’t wait for my blood test to be back!  Anonymous
Naked Departure (Photo: Generic)

6 thoughts on “The Itch”

  1. I feel sorry for these retarded bajans I always knew they were lots of stupid people in Barbados but my god it has gotten worse lady your IQ is below zero has to be cause I don’t believe you wrote this you don’t seem that smart


  2. You are nadty b— just like he
    P—– should dead and leff yah
    You cany cuss her cause all ah wonna stirring the same s—- bowl
    He b—l you just like he b—- her
    You shoild have put up your pic too
    GTFOTH do


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