Tifa out of Jamaica

Tifa Trolling Bridgetown Last Night

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, why de immigration ain’t get rid of the bu***la in a dress Tiffany that piss parading selling she d********e self at night infecting de Bajan men.  She name should be CDC — Centre for Disease Control.

Tifa out of Jamaica
Tifa out of Jamaica

Naked she got sy******is.  One of she best friend tell me she see de antibiotics in she room this week.  Warn de public on she/he .  Look at how manegy she skin is.  She is a whole man in a dress.  Why immigration let she in for?  This is the problem with csme, any stray dog can come to Barbados.

If anyone from DE immigration department is reading this.. she bout here selling body where on the immigration paper is prostitution a reason for coming to Barbados?   A healthy Bajan

Naked Departure

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