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Victor Knight

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VICTOR KNIGHT — Naked, this is about Victor Knight.  Naked, he gave me Herpes.  I found out last Monday.  He is also sleeping with a friend of mine he met on Facebook and I am frightened to tell my friend.

Naked, I can’t eat or sleep.  He told me he loved me and I was the one for him but he was lying.  He does tell everybody so.  He is on Grindar doing the dog and he use to take men to Port St Charles when he was stationed there as the Coast Guard.

He likes to buy cheap cell phones and give his men second hand.  He needs to be stopped spreading his disease.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Victor Knight”

  1. I want to say something about victor knight.He lies boy can he lie,he loves old men that have big bellies and big pockets,victor knight likes a man with a good job to spend money on him,niki and lionel and david yearwood all men with a dollar that he slept with.He likes to pick up men for one night stands and he like white tourist.He buy a house in the ivy and always complaining money tight,yet he was on a cruise in august,how he pay for the cruise hustling with old men.Vic is a high end call girl,he goes with doctors,police,and other men that can put money in his pocket.He lies very well to cover his tracks even when you see him red handed doing the dirty,he deletes his whats apl messages and keep his phone lock and on him at all times.I know him so well we were close bit i had to drop him because i realised he was bad news and thank god i did becauae he messed with someoe who has hiv alfread,you see naked he talk about what and what not he did with alfread and not once a beware of this queen.


  2. Hi Naked our friend victor knight at it again,he made arangements to meet a man i know but had to cancel because his van break down,then he meet my friend a evening and give he He tell my friend he want a man real man to make him feel good,he say he tired of soft men that like women,he say his hole want plg good,lol,he back on grindar i will send you 2 pics and you judge one is the grindar pic that he crop so aa to hide his face and the other is the orriginal.Vic you are and always will be a player,monogamy is not what you like,stivk to what you are good need a life and stop whoring around.What you have to show for all the men you went with?


  3. Naked i send you the pictures i promise you.victor cause a lot of destruction in a lot of peoples lives,cheating on lovers all the time,getting infected with herpes and putting his lovers lives in danger,even when he got caught by two lovers he continued to lie,he is too quick to suck off men and thats his whole problem,he is easy and cheep,his dirty ways caught up with him because he is sick with herpes and has a aughful body odour that people who have std have.A lot of us are happy we did not get infected by him,and we want him exposed and we want barbados to know that he is dangerous cant keep his pants on and will never change from the cheep rat he is,from young he was a tramp sleeping with old men like lionel that keep the cary o key in the turning to peter forde that died to junior bailey from st john to charles steed to tony layne to david yearwood to tourist men he had the boy is a walking time bomb,pretend he is so quiet and sleeping with any man that passes and show him a smile on last count we had 45 peope he mesed around with,he would live in the hot pot looking for men,soon he will join the ranks of gays that die with aids.


  4. I use to mess around with victor knight,and he get me to come down to port st charles to play around.I did not get herpes from he thank god,but he is a easy piece of meat.And he gives good —-.


  5. I can verify all that is being said about victor knight.This boy gave my x herpes and as every one know it cant be cured.He loves s– and he loves variety.When he had his x quincy yard he horn the boy left right and center,the boy trusted he and he had over 11 men during their 3 year relationship,no wonder he is sick i would not be surprise if he got aids because he had a man name alfred that is a guard that got the porg,he does be on a4a and pick up men and meet them at the gymnasium for fun,he is easy s—- nicki from brighton a lot of times and niki bring down he belly.He is a low class homosexual a degenerate a scumb,dont know why any body does deal with him,well men would s— a dog with rubers on,he use to go to the hot pot grease down for pe——-tion,so many nights he performed o—– s— on men,and i have seen this with my own eyes,once he hear about a new chub he does be ready to shift his b—-cs he is easy and free and once he get a snack box he does be good. Naked tell me how to send a picture to you and i wil send you q picture of him at he x lover ian walters funeral dress in all white and a blue shirt.


  6. This botsie pirate come on here sounding like a woman. Wait, you bulling all this time, and want people to feel sorry feh you? Man carry your a.. nobody here in got no time, fe the loose morals buller like you.


  7. Wait dis is a buller? Look you cah ya bulling ass of d people blog talking about somebody love you go and do what bullers do bull for nutten but disease and den play wunna surprised when d porg catch wunna…if you’re a real female I apologize even tho I think you’re dumb but if you’re a buller f—- off

    NOTE: In time the filter will send your comments which contain profanity to trash. Don’t let that happen, lol


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