Wayne Anderson Greaves aka Nas from Fustic Village

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this jail-bird went prison for thiefing for a woman who build a match box for a house in six men’s to put her children and clients in.  Naked if you see the thing any strange wind would blow it in de ocean on a good breezy day.

He thief board, roof and nails to build de hut, he like Robin Hood except he stealing from hard-working people and giving to lazy b——-hes.  That int de best.  After all that hard labour, this man Wayne Anderson Greaves aka Nas from Fustic Village say he is de boss and well respected.

Well what he didn’t mention is that the last time he resided in prison de men fell in love with him.  You see he love prison.  When he hears de word her majesty Dodds his face is light up from he memories in they.

He decide he is a bad man and spit in the prison officer face and as a disciplinary measure he was thrown in a special cell with gay men.  Bare in mind the poor fella int no bigger than a match stick.  Well lbar de men ring dem sticks in he pinyuta it was Dem was at a laundry mat de rinse he out with d———y coming n going.

De men did so rough and had no remorse for he hooks Dem Rip he up n send him str8 to the QEH where he had to received stitches up from a******h*****le to a******crack.  Then he would call girls nasty and wukless.  Look who nasty now Nas.

Ask any prison officer in Bim they will tell u how he de rip open like a tin of corn beef.    Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  2. Doggy prickle Sheena de man done b—-l had to put this up loll man don’t want she and she going off lol I can’t wait to see she in this site…. Soon though lbar


  3. Why do people believe this bullshit about getting stitches in the ass yeah he ass could rip but he won’t need stitched it heals within a couple days it’s just painful as fuck


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