Drug War! Hawkesworth Shot Execution Style in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — FREDERICK C. HAWKESWORTH — Naked, Chris Hawkesworth and Ricardo Bryan, who got shot here some weeks ago, were close buddies in the drug trade, Naked, I mean top men.

Apparently Naked, some Trinidadian drug men are here in Barbados.  He owed them money for cocaine he had and the people were after him.  He even asked someone to lend him some money to pay the men… only if he did pay he would be alive today.

Naked, I get this news for you straight out of the horse’s mouth…someone who knows what is going on.   Anonymous
Naked Departure

24 thoughts on “Drug War! Hawkesworth Shot Execution Style in Barbados”

  1. Yeah Thomas Harris, Peter Harris love to threaten people’s lives like someone is afraid of him, next time you are going to your drug den to cop some coke,, look behind you, the police might just be there.

    Karma is not easy.

    Keep praying.


  2. Thomas Haaris tell Peter Harris stop stealing from people in Barbados and he would not have to look over his shoulders….hmm. you cannot do one crap but watch and pray.


  3. John Wayne??or sean gaskin next in line who’s next one down two more to go that’s what yal should be asking man dead and gone already who next on this execution list ??


  4. Is John Wayne and sean gaskin next in business to be executed??hmmm yal should think about that also one down two more to go just wait


  5. Thomas Harris should be worried about who he knows involved in drug dealing, money laundering, stripclubs, stealing from people etc and start worrying and praying in earnest, no one is invincible as the criminals on the island love to believe.


    1. I don’t lie so I can’t give any more info than what I have outlined. Drug business is dirty business and your good friend can be your worst enemy especially if lots of money involved and owing. Remember these guys can’t take their issues to a law court so would have to be street justice.


  6. Lots of rumors are swirling, you are hearing 20 different stories at once. The killers who are funding the executions need to be found or they will continue. You need the people paying for the killings in police custody.


  7. This was someone local who killed this man irregardless of who paid for this hit. Frank Drakes Credit Card Manager of Republic Bank of Canada RBC based in Barbados is a former good friend of Chris Hawksworth as he used to put cocaine in condiments including hotsauce and sent oversea to then travel and bring back to its original form for resale in Canada etc when alias Jah Jah Clifford Braithwaithe Canadian deportee currently living in Deacons area.


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