Philip from Spooners Hill in Police Custody re: Hawkesworth

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, without speculation, let me say this….  Chris Hawkesworth found himself rolling daily with a trickster, a fraud from Spooners Hill named Philip aka “G”.

They somehow supposed to be in some “legit” business with non-local investors.  Only thing is “G” is the only one who seems to have been getting any money to show.  Just bought a Range Rover and was known in the last few months to have had weed selling.

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These two men drove around together everyday, Philip doing the driving…  Chris was found in the passenger seat of a hired car they both drove, with a newspaper in his hand with one wound to the back of his head.

This might explain why “G” decided to turn himself into the police yesterday with an attorney.  Chris has been asking around for money, yes to pay who?  Only Philip can answer that, after all, they were rolling daily.

If they or Chris owed money, who else would know.  In the end Chris trusted this man with his life and it cost him.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

21 thoughts on “Philip from Spooners Hill in Police Custody re: Hawkesworth”

  1. when u know so much u gts on like u knw nothing guess they should not have known u cause thn u would know nothing and if the mafia comes for u they dont people to do they job they do it there self so u all knowns nothing Christ born into money little u all know he was never hand to mouth so with this thing that chris owed some body is nonsence u all knows nothing


  2. Barbados is now the home of imported drug cartel these little men have to move or be push .You see Barbados have a government that is about pocket money it’s is lawless and leaders not taking leadership serous ,I think we need to importe a government


  3. Stronghold you seem to know quite a lot. Are you going to tell the police anything that they don’t know? Give them some leads if you have more info.


    1. I have nothing to give or say to the police i said wat i did because i know all the parties very well and only responded to the rediculous post made by someone who is obviously clueless and brought they hear say to naked without concret prof.. now u see how gud names and ppl become victims to social media


  4. I know nothing of the men in the story, but I have to take umbrage with Bajan to the Bone. There is no such thing as a “nice guy in the wrong line of business”. You are either a nice guy or a bad guy..

    But here we see the power of color in Barbados..
    With a little color, you are nice no matter what u do…
    Shame on you.


  5. this is all ill say to the person who wrote this.. if u so in the loop why is it that the info u gave was regards to the father of the person who turned themselves in yesterday.. u put a well respected man name on social media when its his son that turned himself into police custody.. so u dont kno shit other than hear say ..


  6. this person int kno shit bout wat they talking as i kno the philip u speak of and G int the same person even tho the two r related u ppl need to b sure on ur hear says before posting..


  7. Like I said in an earlier post someone locally is involved in this whether there are outside connections or not.
    In that line of business it is the one closest to you that will ultimately betray you if their ass is on the line as in this case.


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