Accra Beach Hotel and Spa

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BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hello Naked, I work at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa and the workers there, myself included, does get treat like slaves compliments of our Trinidadian owners and Arab managers…..

Naked, I would like you to publish this story on your site …..can you reply to me so I know you have received my request (just send your truthful blogs–no need for you to receive an email response)?   Anonymous

Naked Departure

17 thoughts on “Accra Beach Hotel and Spa”

  1. now MISS NO ONE you have your chance to talk about the no service charge, the unfair dismissals, join your work mates MISS ENGLAND and KBEE, and fight for better, even if you get talk about along the way, cause the same way a man can say he love you and talk about behind your back no body shouldnt have a problem here being talked


  2. MADAM, no one, this is to expose and keep ppl in line, if the staff being treated badly talk about, you and the ppl you work with aint saint, so in effort to expose the things your fellow worker mention some name, if management is unfair to workers why should worker be unfair to each other, and want to treat some like nothing, so MISS NO ONE. if you are one of those who fu**ing management or any of the men who work there as the writer said ,,you dont think word will get out, or if you fu***ing or had f***k some body husband,, anything about you can show up here, MISS NO ONE you sound guilty, you like you had some body husband, and from the way you speak you seem to be the type to look down your nose and talk down to ppl, the type who think you are always right


  3. Why black people so this is why we will never get anywhere,we arent supposed to talk about each other this was meant to expose the fact about our detrimental treatment,no service charge,unfair dismissals etc not this shit tarnishing people names


  4. heard that to as well but its not just there, but i hear how ppl talk about it and the service them get, even the little bit of food that is given for top dollar, hope more staff would come and speak out


  5. the staff bout there thieving is s carry way to boxes of Hennessy and 9 remy martin and the female Accra security does f whoever get a big pay check


  6. MISS ENGLAND i heard long time ago about ten or so years ago that every body sleeps with every body there, the front desk ppl there are very unmannerly i been there last year and i had to stand and wait for two women and a man finish chat and had a good laugh befire they come to me, then it was like oh i didnt know you wanted some thing, poor, when you work at those places you are deemed as a slave so act like it, the more good reviews it get increases the volume, so the more ppl come the longer you keep your job, the job dont depend on you you depend on the job,,


  7. I’ve used to work there at the Accra Hotel and honestly some of the management are very unprofessional. The night staff are the best the restaurant out to the beach area can not remember the name of it. but goes for the morning staff OMG they have this particular group that that work for breakfast Shakeel, Jalissa and Riann. Well goes for Shakeel knows for everyone have an officer that horn her left, right and center and feel she knows it all always coming to work with her problems but the thing is she does deal with a bartender I heard I think in the lobby bar, as for jalissa which was a pool attendant before she came to the restaurant sleep with most of the pool attendant men and gardener back down and then they got one that name Lisa from the w2k which does steal every night and got her friend susan looking out for her in the sercurity.Debbra nice lady I hope you get your money and leave that place .


  8. retraction its the man from JADA who say cheryl does go at the friend house in kinglands and meet the men there,, sorry,,, let me keep out of this, i aint into gossip lol


  9. now i heard of vickie and nicole, and was made to believe them two are , the woman say nicole better watch her self especially,, she say all over at that place in a mess because of the there, cause i ask this lady why the women there are deem to be , she say the women hand to mouth some more than others, and if there can rob a man pretending them like him they would, but some fust like and would just give way the meat,, she say she aint no saint she got she man and and a sweet boy, but you know what was funny the name cheryl from house keeping came up again,, seem like she is a hot old big puy bitch, i aint know i dont work there,, mind you i saint know the cheryl,, so i decided to ask around, , in my asking i learn she had a married man at the top of her gap that cheryl broke up the marriage, after fuking her sister husband for years, among some others,the sister june husband use to fuk the other cheryl around the corner in at the wife june ..a slim nice shape woman i understand she would meet men at her friend house in kingsland, cause the friend told some one.., no wonder why them an from jada left she,, i aint the cheryl i was just listening,,but them at accra should behave,,


    1. Can you imagine working 29hours a week and want you do 40 hours work you don’t get service charge and suppose to be a 5 star hotel .The restaurant Manager Markesha is the worst always on leau days hair always long no hair net and always over the people food ,Vickie is as dotish as there come dont know nothing about service.Nicole is untidy only look out forher brother you works there and hands are very light.All of the above are supervisors so what do you ecpect the line staff will do


  10. you know funny enough just yesterday for the first time i been to dover a night,, my girlfriend goes there often to get food from the stall on sunday nights, while we were there we were talking and looking at the hotel there, then a lady sitting next to us was saying its ok but staff must be treated better,, she say she works at accura and staff not please with treatment there either,, but she say one of the problem is that staff dont like each other, specially in house keeping.. she mention a few names the head of house keeping and a few other, but one name stood out when she said cheryl and that her name was mention on this site for fu***king her sister man,, i remembered cause it was me who did when i was recalling what the women were saying in relations to maureen holder,, she went on to say that cheryl think she had the best man in the world,cause he works at jada, but she didnt know he was f****king two girls who work with her and another girl who dont live far one one of these girls,,, she even say how the man said cheryl think she so special but she foolish as hell trying to out do her sister building a house,, i say that to say you see how the bad treatment of staff could creep in and cause bad blood,,so much so that there can be so much hurt and pain that staff can talk to a stranger about things that happening at work,,business owners should pay they staff well and treat them with respect, they should remember its staff who build the business by giving good service, slavery done its time for us black ppl to fight back demand respect, thank you london has fallen


  11. Accra has gone to the pits. I used to carry my family there for long weekends years ago. It is now just a shadow of its former self. Instead of Mr. Ken Charles investing his money in Accra, he is attempting to upset the equilibrium of Miami Beach by trying to build a 40 room hotel across from the beach. I’ll pray for Mr. Charles and his workers.


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