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At Q in the Community with Drag Queen

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BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, I am writing this letter to warn the public about a gay man name R—y from the Bayland.  Yuh see two weeks ago I was at Q in the community at the party stand about say 9 pm and lo and behold who comes walking in with a drag queen that sell his self on Pinfold Street?  R—y.  Can you believe this man that playing he posting on facebook that he is not gay but he is a bu**er and Naked what hurts is that the queen and I work side by side on the street and I also had R—y but I had to dump him because all he want me for is my money I make the night before.

Naked, what hurts me the most is to see I trusted him when he told me that he love me not knowing that he was f***********ng my workmate.  You know why I’m writing this letter?  Is to expose that st***king nasty bu**ing lier.

Yes, he make me sick with HIV because the queen he was at Q with has the virus and she give it to him and he give it to me cause when I had him we never use con****ms.  I really thought I was the only gay person he went with until I here about the wh**e that I use to work with on the street…

R—y is a lier and a nasty bu**ing dog..  I hate him for ending my life with AIDS.   How can I ever thank you R—y for fooling me….  I hope the public see this and yuh family too oh yea yuh child mother from Harts Gap, yes, I know about her (hurt, hurt, hurt).   Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Generic)

4 thoughts on “At Q in the Community with Drag Queen”

  1. Talking about Q them bajan show off so bad on Q in New get on to foolish ,de woman that had on de green dress she get on like a show fowl ,I had to turn off ma tv.


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