Teacher Jason Thompson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JASON THOMPSON — But Naked, for the love of christ tell me why this big b****g c*** s******r teacher Jason Thompson don’t stop scamming people?

You see de gays had a big pageant down in Trinidad this weekend that gone.  Barbados sent down a real beauty that should had won but you see the local organizer of the pageant hey in Bim, Jason Thompson, he went down Trinidad running so much scams word on the street de trinis were so pissed they decided to mek a Bajan come  2nd.

First off he beg a very high fluentant man for ticket money and hotel money when Jason land in Trinidad he tell de hotel ppl he only got Bajan money and need to get it change.  THAT WAS THE FIRST SCAM.  De kind ppl at the hotel oblige he cause ya know that queens of queens pageant in Trinidad is a big gay thing so obviously Bajans does go n represent all DE time but low n behold this crooked big black b******* left TNT Sunday with de people whole hotel key and ain’t pay for the room for the two nights.

Many in the community are wondering how Jason can be so wicked and evil knowing de gays of Barbados love Trinidad and he going only mek bad for we come Trinidad carnival.

Many are wondering Naked if Jason Thompson, said teacher at St James secondary school, what he could be teaching young boys and girls since the only thing Jason has a degree in is running scams and molesting little boys.

He’s a con artist does roll with two Guyanese women that hey in Bim for the longest time now.  Them three like the holy trinity of frauds and scams.  The two Guyanese women does run de scams on De Bajan men saying they soon gotta leave but them want to stay and them know an immigration friend (this is where Jason comes in).

Jason is meet de men posing as de immigration officer and collect money from DE men to extend fictitious papers.

Will the minister of education investigate this corrupt teacher?  He also own the bar where de old pizza man doc was out by Central Bank.  We hear he is push drugs in they too.

But what also de gay community want to know how Jason got money to get a new jeep a new apartment n still got De bar rent to pay.  Word is he got a sugar daddy.  But it would be good If the sugar daddy write off all Jason debts.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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