Elizabeth Weatherhead Knights of Harts Gap

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Morning Naked.  I will like Elizabeth Weatherhead-Knights of September Square, Harts Gap, Christ Church, a Guyanese national, to stop scandaling and making a public nuisance in Barbados.

This woman had a cough for over 20 years and this woman’s feet so black and scruffy that the 2 times she bathes a week her feet does be still black musty and cracking.  Her face is like a Christmas fruit cake and she thinks she is god’s gift to men.

Her husband John Knights is younger than her and stupid like an alpine goat.  He always begging to eat every woman’s *******ies**** that pass he way.  He mouth does smell like a bucket of sholin s*******t.

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This woman so devious and wicked she went Guyana to work Obeah on John and that’s how they were married in the court.  His family doesn’t like her and she always about the place troubling people and then calling the police when you stand up for your rights.

John and her live in a run down one-bedroom shack that does be filthy with dogs and cats s******t inside and outside.  John, Liz and his four children and her daughter live in this one bedroom shack and the children sleep in the yard in a make-shift shack that does leak water when the rain fall.

This woman so wicked she does awake John’s four kids including his 5-year-old son to wash out and clean and pack bottles before they go to school.  The kids’ names are Johnathan he is the eldest he is 19 and does work and she does take away his money, Jo****n he is 15 years who goes to Deighton Griffith school and he does have to do mechanic work before he goes to school in order to eat something, Ja****a is 11 and goes to Combermere and she does have to wash all the clothes and try to clean the house if the little girl don’t do everything for her liking she does physically abuse the little girl and the last little boy is Ja***i, he is 5 years old and does go to Arthur Smith school which she does have him scrubbing her nasty feet and packing the bottles before he goes to school and then there is her child who she treats as a Princess Az***a, she goes to a private school out by Purity I think it is called St Ursula — while she sits on her a***** all day long like she is a queen.

She also found her daughter and Ja*****a watching lesbian porn and doing cu******gus on each other.  Instead of she discipline both girls she only discipline Ja****a.

When the people take the cars by her shack to get fix John and her would take parts off your car and blame it on the neighbors or would tell the customer they need this part when they need it to try to fix up they rust bucket.  Also Liz does go in Britton Hill by her ex man Dexter and does still have relations with him just for a dope stone.

I will like her to stop troubling people in the neighborhood.  If she don’t, I will really spill all her dirty secrets.  She needs to clean her windows before she cleans other people.

P.S.  How do I upload her Pic?

Hi Naked this is the pic of Elizabeth Weatherhead I wrote to you about.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

16 thoughts on “Elizabeth Weatherhead Knights of Harts Gap”

  1. so let me tell u Naked that Liz is a real stinking —– I know her well aint no-1 like her she is brawling & does want 2 cuss every-1 in St. Matthias, Harts gap down in there……I know her well I want 2 beat her so bad I cannot wait 2 come back 2 Barbados 2 f—– her up……I do not need no help I can handle her on my own…..she had & still have a lot 2 say about my children calling the po po on my son coz my son does the same thing that she & John does……now my daughter got mixed up with her son despite all the family warning her not 2 —- w/him coz he juss like his mumma no f—— gud…..my daughter would steal her uncle food & take it ova 2 her house……she does cuss my daughter & tell her that her son does b—-l her but I am glad 4 my daughter coz she aint had no buz f——-ng wid him Liz her son & my child deserve each other……I hate that b—— so bad I literally want 2 beat the p—- out of her……trust me everything that was written about s—–g Liz is true she want going back 2 Guyana in a f———–g coffin……& John is a big st—g c—— he does let her rule him instead he stand up & b a man he is a f——–g mouse…….I aint got much time wid Liz all I want 2 do is 2 fist fight her I got some steel knuckles 4 her mouth it is time she get shut-up…..if I was still living in Barbados in St. Matthias rd she & I would had done clash coz I do not talk I do action & all dat f—- around I would had knock her out & wait 4 the po po…..2 come she do not know me she betta ask about me I do not play especially when it comes 2 my children especially my son look out I got fire coming out of my eyes, ears noise & mouth heated..


  2. Liz hold on your real story will be told soon. Don’t move. Just want know how to send Naked an article on you boo. N this in feao by the way. I more deadly than feao


  3. now tell me this people take you for a fool everyone know that Randica Johnson is not that smart to write anything like that we all know that you write it for her last night she , she man and destiny went at you and you write it so why don’t you come clean and everybody know is you that do it the whole neighbourhood know ma girl and if that was so why Randica did not come and cuss me out again today like she did yesterday but just want you to know you is the talk now for what you did on her behalf now this goes to say first you should take the plaque out of your own eyes before you can see the streak in your brother own and by the way me and nobody in got no BEEF ma girl come clean you are not fooling no one haha


  4. Naked I am the person who wrote the story about Elizabeth aka Liz not Randica. Everything I wrote about Liz is true. If she and Randica have problems so be it. I have my own issues with Liz and how she behaved and treat those kids. I don’t know what she is saying about Randica is true when they were up in each like highty and tighty. They had a disagreement and not that they are not freeing she decided to write in about Randica. Honestly that’s they thing but its not only Randica u have offended and by writing in to try andale the people on this site think the kids don’t want to b with there mum is a lie. The mother had no place and currently not able toaintain and support the kids as she will like but what ever little bit she gets she gives to John to help with the upkept of the kids. She is like the wicked step mother in Cinderella but trying to paint a picture perfect pic when it isn’t that way. AS I SAID ELIZABETH STOP MAKING YOURSELF A NUISANCE AND PEOPLE WONT HAVE TO AIT YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY FOR every ONE TO SEE.


    1. well every one know ‘s that Randica Johnson is not that smart to write that we all know where she went last night she, she man and destiny at you, and we know you write it for her, the whole neighbourhood know, don’t think we don’t know you self and I know you but I want you to come clean so I tell your story come clean ha ha stop telling lies


    2. one more thing I don’t have dirty laundry I can count the men I had on one of my hands and leave out fingers can’t the same for you the bible says take the plaque out of your own eyes so you can see clearly to take the streak out of your brother’s own you are such a snake that you got something to tell me and can’t say it to my face always telling every body else to tell me so you know how I know is you me and nobdy in got no beef ma girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll an other lies grow up


  5. You Randica Johnson got to stop telling lies on the woman that woman LOVE them kids like they are hers someone need to do something about that


  6. Yoooo that girl Randica Johnson want ——-ing all that she said but that woman and them kids is a lie that woman love them kids like they are hers someone need to do something about that


  7. for got to mention I had these children for at lease six years now and the mother does visit my home and maybe if Randica Johnson would teach her kids manners and to have respect she would be able to tell them to do things but she can’t not take to them too hard or she is going to get wash off who don’t like how I rise my kids could come for the kids simple as that cause I have never been an unfit mother and I am not about to start because of no one now I can’t even get these kids to go and spend a day with there mother they would get so sad and the little one would start to cry and I have to change my mind and let them stay I treat these kids with love and I know they love too I would never do anything to hurt them I don’t know how I would feel to louse them now but I don’t want a bad name I would not be the first person she said was unfit to be a mother the is an other lady that she say does abuse her grand son because he black she don’t like him and she like the red one because she does get money from the usa for the little boy if it was that I don’t care for these kids how come the at every day and my daughter Je nasha pass for Combermere sorry my step daughter lets do her children lamar well he went to ccfss and her 15 yrs old daughter went to garrison and the 12 yrs old that sit with my stepdaughter gone grantley but lets go back a bit Destiny went to the garrison but for 2 weeks and got send home and that went on for every two weeks she went back till she got throw out she was also send to ennichkles don’t know if that was spell right and now at some government school where she is giving more trouble she was also up at dodds for about 7 months and the give her a chance to change her life but that did not work out so well and she got the kids and her stooling all over the place the last little one is a cuss bird she has no control over what these kids do or say the child care board need to come and visit me and visit her so she can fall in her lies


  8. well every body knows Randica Johnson and she lies just because some one had to speck the truth about this b—– she come and cuss me out as usually saying is me who put she up but it s about time some one check on this Vincentian b—– look who talking about some one foot and the don’t take bath’s now she is well know as musty she has an scent that no one can explain she don’t have a proper pair of shoe always in a slipper and dem does be borrow she cussing ya and got on from bra right down belong to me that’s Elizabeth Knights Mrs the same little house on the perry that she talking about house she and all six of she children and feed them( talk about bite the hands that feed ya ) when she mother put her musty a—- out now she blame one man for all of she children and the man say them in his now every time this man in town she goes and get with child and when he left she say them is his now she seven children and the third one she could not put on the man because he was in the mad house when she get pregnant and he mother say if he came out of the mad house three months earlier she would have put that one on him too now she carry a man that used to drive a no nine van name clevis (he dead and gone R.I.P ) to court for this child the man ask for an DNA test and so he got one it turns out he was no the man child he belongs to god knows who she goes out to karaoke and sleep with all the old nasty drunken men and there is where she got these kids she talking about abuse when she don’t know the meaning of the word she jealous of me that’s all don’t care what you do for this b—– she is soooooooooooooooooooo ungrateful the person forgot to mention that her daughter is only fifteen and was like this since primary school if you don’t believe me go ask for your self no one will give you a good report that is all she good for cussing and making up lies about other people she was getting put out from 16 years old until now my husband is four years younger than me I did not rob the cradle so I don’t mine that and at my age she is no class for me everyone who knows john would know that he don’t mess around she and a lot of them try and fail I have one of a kind he love me and I love him try finding something like what we have then talk to me the man she had cause the tell she Monday morning in the road in front of me that when ever she out to karaoke to come back by he cause she smell fooppy that’s the old men money that she have to go for to support the man she don’t feed the children nothing proper she always begging every one that pass and sending the children to the shop for snacks and drinks that because she can’t COOK and if you check the police records you will see who does call police and who don’t the court just had her on a one year band she and she daughter same old same talk about being a nuisance the hospital that a marshal collecting money from her for the seven children she born in Barbados illegal 7 of them don’t know who is the father’s from the little one right back to the oldest one cuss she and every body in the neighbor hood well with the exception of one that live with his grandmother in town she does left them children hungry and unattended and goes to every tinning cup that knocks now I have three children (3) beautiful children the oldest is 24 yrs the next is 19yrs and the last one is now 12 yrs and the 2 oldest not with me the men on the own the 19 yr at collage in Canada and the 24 soon to be 25 is working my 12 yr at school now I also have out of the kindness of my heart my husband 4 children from the oldest 19 , 15 ,12,and 7yrs and for some reason she just cant stand that I am taking care of these kids and I must add the are loving and respectful kids she cant say so for her self nor no one else can say so for her no one in the Christ church have nothing to do with her naked this what the b—– does get pregnant and she stay at home the hold nine months and when she get pain she goes down to the hospital and get the child she was at HMD Prison for owing start de town and I can go on and on people Just compare the two hope I did not miss spell words now I like her to know when she read this that i did not tell lies on her like she did me so I am taking this further her daughter that smoke weed and start have sex from a very early age she would like to class my children with hers but that can’t work how do I up load a pic of her naked


  9. CCB don’t wait until those children are brainwashed to speak to them .this sound like the Cinderella. hansel and grettle story’s .witch is step mothers behavior towards step children ,In most cases step mother in a low income home would treat her step kids like slaves.


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