Victor Knight's lover, Ian Walters

Ian Walters — Dead Man Talking

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — IAN WALTERS and Victor Knight — Sometimes, even the dead dares to speak.

THE DEAD can talk because if you find out, posthumously, what someone has died from, it can be an indication of your health status if you were intimately involved with that person.  Depending on who shows up at the funeral and how devastated they are, there again, you can form connections you never knew existed.  The dead do talk!  You just have to be at the funeral to listen.  No wonder Bajans love the church and the graveyard!   It’s enough to make you stop and have a stiff rum or gin right after the funeral.

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If you are hearing that Victor Knight is a high-risk person in your community (via articles published on this site), pick sense from all this nonsense.

Naked Departure

12 thoughts on “Ian Walters — Dead Man Talking”

  1. We are a product of what we come out into.I read about this young man Victor and i feel sad for him if all that is said is true,we should not cry him down but rather try to help him to become a better person,promiscuity is very rampant among gays and we need to try to cut it out because it only leads to shame and disgrace and eventually death,let us try to help young men like victor to lead a decent life to find a partner and to embrace a one partner lifestyle,lets not cry him down and make him lower than low because thats what you gays are doing to him.Gay people are evil tp each other and they need to stop,I keep little to no gay friends,not because i am well of or feel that i am better than any one,its because I have had my share of hurt from gay friends to last a lifetime.I call most gays the devils spawn because they are not nice.Victor if you read this site as I suspect you do,dont give up,hold your head up and remember your past does not have to be your future,you can do better than your past if you truly want to.


  2. Naked victor had eddie mason from st peter,he had patrick a policeman he had paul that he plays vollyball with the big christian,he had shepherd the man that use to walk with a stick.This post is not about Ian walters it is to show people victor knight nasty ways and life,the life he cant or will never change,he is a nuisence and a cheat..He meeting men on social media and hooking up with them.Barbados dont be fooled.


  3. Dear Naked. I am happy to report to you and your readers that victor knight is at it again.He was seen in the company of his newest man very recent,guess it is out with the old and in with the new,lol,vic I guess you had to prove us right lol,people dont change. I wonder how his friend will feel when he realise he is old news and vic has a new man,a few days only nee.Vic we caught you and you didnt evem know and we have you on phone camera with your days old man.




  5. The man take sick while driving and run off the road,he was sick long and we all know what he had,another lover of his dead a few months ago,victor knight —– with no shame always sleeping with old break down men once they got a dollar,he is a user and only about what he can get from men. Ian is only one out of a lot that he deal with, if you cant give him things or cash he dont want you. Every one eventually find him out. He lies for conversation and lies to cover up, who with any morals sleep with so many men ? He does not know about monogomy he is a free for all.I wait to hear the day his porn that he sent out gets published because he sent out naked pics far and wide and men at coast guard be warned he does sneak and take pics of you guys naked and show his friends.


  6. The person who put this up is a disgrace ———- that man dead in a car accident and he was a good person unlike you who ever you are good mind who the —- you b—— cause it seems to me you are a man scorn let the dead rest.


  7. Who cares what he dead from…people dead from all kinda things…It cah be my one that realize that this man got a good turnout… his relatives got their money worth from what ever funeral home did this job.


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