Kim Kardashian and the World we “Trend” in

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — KIM KARDASHIAN — THE HELL where we live and what is ‘trending’.  Where else are we in this Universe, if not on hell’s plane, plain and simple?  In a place where you can turn on your television and hear about Kim K.  Stop at the corner grocer and read about Kim K.  Go on your computer and Kim K pops up!  Well Hell!  (Actually felt like following that up by saying Goddamn!!!!)  We’ve got to be living in Hell!  But, let’s not get hasty, let’s look for some more clues………

Who is Kim Kardashian and where did she come from?  Kim Kardashian is an ordinary woman who became RICH AND FAMOUS because she had sex on tape, which she then deliberately released to the public for its consumption and in a bid to become famous.  And it worked!  Yes, you heard correctly!  Sex sells when you’re living in Hell.  Where did she come from?  She came from a woman who would sell ice to Eskimos.

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You’d be hard pressed to see anything ‘trending’ in this hell hole we live in about a scientist working tireless hours trying to find a cure for cancer.  You’d be hard pressed, living in this hell of a world, to find anything ‘trending’ about the people who work tireless hours helping the poor and the sick.  You’d be hard pressed, frankly speaking, to find anything ‘good’ trending in Hell’s news that is worth reading.

But alas!  ‘Good’ is subject to interpretation in Hell, as like ‘beauty’ to the beholder, and when in Hell it is what it is and you are encouraged to have a helluva time because you only live once in Hell!  You understand?

So Kim Kardashian, a person who has ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT to speak of, is trending news.  She, admittedly so, understands the hell where she/we live!  No wonder people made up a place called Heaven!

You have to create illusions when you’re living in Hell!

Are you more fully advised now?

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian and the World we “Trend” in”

  1. We all can trend in this world but its the choices we make that we want to be best remembered for and there it goes the next trender


  2. Sorry guys I’m in the matrix still evolving so whatever is trending I ain’t buying I’m in my own space and time


  3. I like this thought provoking “Trend” We create our own fantasies to ease the stress of Hell, “Kim Kardashian” is just another Fantasy created to dull the illusion even more. Wow. Certainly we are a people Lost and don’t even realize it. Thanks for the reminder. The world and the way things are trending, certainly is Hell at its best.


  4. Reblogged this on Sheri Veronica and commented:

    This is what is ‘Trending” in the world…….. If you are a visiting ‘alien’ and you don’t understand what ‘trending’ means, it means, this is what people, on this terra, are most interested in reading about and looking at.


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