Ross Ashton, drug dealer

Ross Ashton from Red Sea and the Assassin

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROSS ASHTON — Word reaching Naked Departure is that Ross Ashton from the Red Sea area in Barbados is next in line to receive an assassin’s bullet to the back of the head — the dead shot!  If you follow closely the ‘comments’ under the Hawkesworth’s post, you can also see the threats of more killings to come.  There can be NO doubt…, Bajan drug dealers are being assassinated!

What foreign dealers MUST understand is that Bajans are thieves.  Bajans, by nature (it’s in the blood), are dishonest people.  They must not take this trait likely or personal because they, in doing so, would eradicate the drug trade/business from Barbados.  And no country could/would survive without the drug mafia!

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Being sworn to secrecy is one thing, but I kinda have a ‘very small’ crush on this Ross Ashton and think he should be the PM of Barbados.  Like I’ve said before, there must be a special place in heaven for good-looking (and the face is secondary) black men!  But, be that as it may, Ross Ashton, this is not a scare tactic.  Be vigilant.  They’ve got you in their scopes.  And, since I’m here scratching your back Ross, maybe you should return the favor and let the Naked Departure folks know the ministers in government you work for…..before you die I mean.  Don’t let your life be in vain.  Call their names as Carrington wants you to.

But, I’m sure your friendly police department, who’ve sworn to protect and serve, have given you the heads up already.   Right Ross?  If not the police, maybe Sinckler…..or Carrington…..?

Naked Departure

27 thoughts on “Ross Ashton from Red Sea and the Assassin”

  1. Why do we have to bring in Trini executioners when we have ours here. Ross call names before they take you out as you know they will. Don’t go down alone. They will not believe you but the world will know.


  2. I can’t believe that big adults gine sit and waste there time talking on shit that ain’t got nain to do with them mind ur own dam business not only that shit is that u calling ppl name on here the Feds working Boi right there is wat Ull asking the man to do snitch and Ull doing on a site that anyone can read it seems that some ppl grudge or hate these men maybe their the ones should be put under the microscope suppose ur children get caught up in sain worse than wat these men had to go tru to get where they are judge less ye be judged so when u thinking ppl ain’t watching u too guess again all I’m saying is stop fishing and actually do some work in life mind ur own dam business and stop calling names snitch


  3. Thomas Harris the know it all may not be surprised to find out that Chris’ execution had nothing to do with drugs or that he owed no one money, but could very well be for what belonged to him. Thomas you better start praying real hard that Rommell Marshall and Peter Harris’ names are not called as well.


  4. Corruption corruption it’s ashamed what little Barbados have come to in this year of our lord 2016 we are supposed to be celebrating its 50th year of in dependence. It’s the greed for power over the powerless to take advantage of disadvantage and steal from poor by way of taxes to give to rich and make themselves comfortable in ten short years.
    You promised us the people of this unfair land a living that jobs will be forthcoming but no you took away our jobs from mother and father from the single parents .i walk the length and breadth looking for work to feed my young all I see is people with curly hair and speaking not with a native tongue working and hurt every time I go out on job site to job site and to hear wa nah bajan don’t want work one curly head fellow tell me “go and buy a wig if ya want job “,Going to the supermarket half of de money gone in vap .Ask for assistance ,welfare dismissed me ,if I don’t send my children to school reasons I just can’t meet the expenses uniform books i might lose them to the CCB .
    This morning a peace of paper was place on my door I was expecting it, NOTICE QUICK I have to be out of my rented home by 90 days.
    I sit in my back door gazing at the sunset wondering what tomorrow bring .I say this we need to import leaders for this country,my country hard hard what have i to hushed the cries of my children .things was looking good I wanted a family now what have I done to my young in a world of corruption.I got a proposal to sell ground provisions keeping with the law I went to get a permit I was turn ways .what? What? Must I do now I have turn everywhere what? what? Must I do ?l want to abide by the laws of my country but my country has taken me back to my grandmother days cooking on wood .i only want to work to feed my young I don’t need pity or hand out .Thank you naked for giving me the opportunity to do Barbados have prime minister or an opposition leader


    1. Neither pm or pms, the opposition leader has stated that Bajans have the right to leave. That we shouldn’t bitch and bellyache when other people’s come here.




    1. Cause you think Ross got time to sit down on social media haha there was a facebook page many moons ago best believe Ross wasn’t the one operating it. Maybe maybe not I know quite a few pal who don’t have social media pages.


  6. This is ——– if any thing happen to me I have every thing write down in hands that will do family safe .peter you name on the top of the list .


  7. Thomas Harris, envious of what, I do not have a cocaine addiction problem and would not want one, neither am I a thief, stealing from injured people, so tell me, exactly what could I be jealous of. I am not one to invite blight to my life…please explain.

    Seems like you need to do a lot of praying, overtime praying for both you and Peter Harris.


  8. I wonder how Thomas Harris plan to stop people from talking to the police about the drug and gun running in Barbados to save their own lives.

    It is in the news that some people are assisting the police is Chris’ execution there has been a breakthrough. people are talking, they better.

    You better start praying for Peter Harris, Thomas. Start praying that people talk.


  9. Yes he is threating the man that Thomas Harris, he is doing so because he is well aware of what his brother Peter Harris does on the island, but when all of this goes south, DPP Leacock will run from Barbados, he will no longer be able to cover for Peter Harris or any of the other criminals in the business sector, he will be too busy trying to save himself.


  10. Thomas Harris would not want names called, of cpurse he knows why, but come hell or high waters, those names have to be called, can’t cover this up anymore and use the DPP to hide your brother’s crimes. All involved and their families will end up having to watch their backs, not onyy the ones doing the talking. All of you have become vipers on the island, destroying it for your pretense and greed, but karma will get you.


  11. A lot of men especially in Barbados are into this drug thing. I can name a few but don’t want to get in trouble. They walk around and pretend to be so clean and upright but when you get too close you realise their underhand, dirty moves and tricks and if you not careful they drag you into their web of lies and criminal activity then try to wipe their mouths and act so innocent. You got a regular client that you does supply with cash and he is the lowest, nastiest rat one could ever come across, hates women, uses them all the while putting up this image as a decent family man who is so upright. I know because I am family to his children. CALL NAMES ROSS, CALL NAMES.


    1. WHEN and only when you state your real name and show your face can you take me on Tony!!!! You coward!! Stay in your lane if you want to be anonymous!!!!!! You want a woman to stomp on? Try somewhere else.


  12. That is the best and only option going forward to save their lives, start talking, call the names of those from parliament and the business sector involved in the drug and gun running, they will have to own up…their karma has come.

    Save your own lives, those jokers are not worth dying for, would sure not die for you and will try to take the first plane out of Barbados, but cannot hide for long.


    1. I agree that for our knowledge, understanding, and for the real activists’ information these men should expose the bigger heads before they get taken out, but I don’t realistically expect it to lead to any state action, conviction or even a prosecution. In a banana republic where a court has ruled that the speaker of the house should pay back stolen money and the prime minister tell him get a lawyer (don’t rulings come at the end of the process, or is he saying he should appeal?), and where no one takes a poor man’s or a black man’s word for anything, I don’t see how they would take a black drug dealer’s word for anything against the state.

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