Benjamin Taylor viciously rapes baby

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — BENJAMIN TAYLOR, whatever possessed you?  Why could you not resist destroying a nine-month-old baby who did not and who could not have done anything to you?  Why did you not kill yourself right afterwards?  Naked Departure

THE STORY:  An infant is clinging to life, and her mom’s boyfriend is behind bars in association with what authorities are calling the “worst case of sexual assault” that they’ve seen in 20 years.  The Dreamin Demon reports that 32-year-old Benjamin Taylor is facing a variety of charges, which stem from the horrifying incident that took place on Monday morning.

Police in Ripley, West Virginia say that they became aware of Taylor’s alleged actions when his girlfriend called 911 to report that her infant daughter was unresponsive.  The nine-month-old victim’s mother told authorities that she woke up from her sleep to find that the little girl was missing — and so was her 32-year-old boyfriend.  It didn’t take long for her to locate the infant, however, but under absolutely terrifying circumstances.  The nine-month-old baby girl was found in the basement of the apartment building where the family has been residing.  She was reportedly covered in blood and unconscious at the time of the discovery.

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WSAZ News reports that 32-year-old Benjamin Taylor was immediately interviewed by authorities, but he couldn’t stick to a consistent story regarding how the infant ended up in the basement, covered in blood.  He initially told police that he didn’t have any idea about what had happened.  Then he changed his story, claiming that he had taken the baby down to the basement with him to do laundry.  However, he claimed that he “blacked out,” and had no recollection of how the infant ended up unconscious and injured.

Police also say that the man was acting strangely during his interrogation.  Benjamin Taylor allegedly tried to “rub something off of himself,” multiple times while being interviewed by authorities.  When police took a DNA sample from the West Virginia man, they noted that he had blood on him — which may have come from his girlfriend’s infant daughter.


It’s alleged that Benjamin Taylor violently sexually assaulted the nine-month-old baby girl, injuring her so severely that she is currently in critical condition in an area hospital.  Reports aren’t clarifying on any specifics surrounding the infant’s injuries, but authorities have declared that the boyfriend of the baby’s mom willfully refused to seek medical attention for the child’s injuries after he sexually assaulted her.

This is far from the only time a crime against a child has been allegedly committed by the boyfriend (or girlfriend) of the victim’s custodial parent.  Earlier this year, a New Jersey man was charged with murder and sexual assault in association with the death of his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter.  Twenty-two-year-old Micahel Disporto is accused of beating and raping the little girl, and then coercing her mother into denying her medical attention — which ultimately led to her demise.

As for this latest case out of West Virginia, Benjamin Taylor has been charged with first-degree sexual assault.  Authorities have declared that there could be more charges in association with Monday’s horrific incident. He is currently being held by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office on bond amounting to $2 million.  There are currently no updates on the condition of the nine-month-old victim in this shocking case.  [Mugshot via Jackson County Sheriff’s Office]

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  1. He needs to be killed in the most inhumane method imaginable. We need to keep in mind, his family had nothing in this. They’re as innocent about this as everyone else is. They’re not responsible for what this sick s.o.b. has done


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