Bizzy Williams wants (more of) your Garbage

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BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — RALPH ‘BIZZY’ WILLIAMS — Naked, this is greedy Bizzy and his pack of minority crooks trying to control the SSA, the police and want 60 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to do it.  Let’s see what the slaves in parliament do; if they are going to bow and scrape and allow the welfare rats, Bizzy and his gang, continue to mooch off the 95% blacks as usual….  The only words Bizzy knows are “give me”, “give me $60 million”, “give me SSA”, “give me control over the police”.

Well Well & Consequences October 5, 2016 at 5:00 AM #
“So give me the [$60 million], let me run it.  David [Staples, Director of Williams Industries Inc] and I will deal with it.  You [won’t] have any core responsibility, you [won’t] have people giving orders with dumping garbage all over the place, but I got to have some influence over the police as well, because we gine lock up a few [BLACK] people,” he said to loud applause.”

I told y’all Bizzy openly and publicly bribed the police because he and his slimy ilk wants full control of the police in Barbados.  These people want locking up.  Do not give Bizzy control of anything else in Barbados.  Find local black people who have been in the same business longer than Bizzy and let them control the SSA….  Give them the $30 or $40 million to do the job.  Divide it between 4 or 5 different garbage people.

Get rid of these slimy minorities and their families out of the people’s business, stop paying them money.  Do not give Bizzy and his slimy ilk anymore taxpayers’ money.

Find people in the local sector who will not be looking to use the 95% majority people for their own self enrichment, who know about garbage separation ……..  Get rid of those 5 or 6 minority parasites trying to not only suck the blood of the [BLACK] people but lock them up too….  They do not mean well…  You slaves in parliament take Bizzy’s bribes and now he wants power to lock up [BLACK] people..

If Dennis Lowe is sick, who is doing his job?   Well Well & Consequences

Naked Departure

15 thoughts on “Bizzy Williams wants (more of) your Garbage”

  1. I cant figure out why the asses in parliament would want to give control of the police force to a criminal like Bizzy, who went to the newspapers and publicly stated that he bribes politicians from both political parties…and when given the opportunity by some jackass to address police recruits, he publicly bribed them too.

    How is that making any sense to the fools in parliament.

    I almost wish they would give crooked Bizzy control of the police force so he can lock all their dumb, black asses up, he knows so well how stupid the jackasses in parliament really are and how wealthy their stupidity makes him and his fellow parasites.




  3. Blacksuga2 the small black business men made tons of money and put most of it in the hairy bank check the record children all over the place from many different partners some women get houses some get cars some get trips while no money was put back into the business so the white people decided to take what we had and wasted and get the igrant black people to work for them for a salary and made their riches and never looked back…you really think Cow Williams is a road building expert? Oh please he ain’t know shit but he hired people that knew and the rest is history


  4. You frauds think Bizzy did black bajans a favor by marrying a dumb black woman whose ass is always thoroughly beaten by Bizzy on a regular basis….what does that mean, that Bizzy the sewer rat likes black people, you need to get a life.

    Bizzy is just a parasitic, greedy drain on the economy.

    What shares in company, how much are those shares, anyone can do that.

    As usual parasite Bizzy is trying to get free money from the taxpayers for doing nothing…using stupid, weak black men and women in parliament.

    That hold Bizzy has on the bribetaking politicians will be broken, soon the lazy minorities will be cleaning the drains for their daily bread.


  5. We tend to differ and object to previous comments.Bizzy has shown cultural and race diversity he’s the only white company to offer his black employees shares in his company and has gone out and married a black woman while being ridiculed by his white colleagues. While he may want all or more business this may need to be questioned but he has the financial clout to do anything. Rise sir Ralph


    1. Sure he does…..

      Just because you don’t understand the big picture does not mean the big picture does not exist.


  6. That’s why I want a gun an automatic that push out bullets nonstop. Ya see these governments they would sell its Paros ,every time devil innss look round he looking fa somthing to make money he selling out Barbados to de white people .these ministers betting who could make de most money by de time them get vote out .buzzy know that so he try now to buy de sercurity services .if he get that he have defence and sercurity that is to control de population.that when de troubles will know wa happening to these maingi specki raw people black people start to progress to fast for they liking .
    De big brain in de nose we got for a PRIME MINISTERS always on a plane hideing from his responsibilities check he when he talking to dingy white body he don’t look them in de face know why he see them as masa .de news out to de world come one and all da got an nice island na laws de leader don’t have no sense and da want dollars,da sell Colombian Chinese hingreain Badadadrian every and every body .
    F—– johnnys


  7. Wah he is poor white jonniebocrat
    You think in America and England he is consider white
    Then so get what them got from thieving bad as fa*k. He and his brother is big time crooks
    He don’t like black people but married ah old black w—re
    How many room keys get put in a hat
    And each so called high society husband pull the room key and f—-k each other wives after having dinner
    I can go on and on
    Ask buzzy wife she can tell you
    Bunch ah dirty F
    Next time wonna hold them dinner s—-x parties make sure all your wives want to do it willing and don’t force them
    That why a certain wife divorce her husband after years of abused and the second wife want to leave but can’t and will always get beat and not even the RBPF can’t go in his place that why he want control of the police force


  8. Look bizzy don’t like bajans if he gets his way we will get kill for resisting and mistaken cellphone for gun.


  9. Can’t stand the dribbly thief that is called bizzy.It’s time Bajan stand up for their rights
    Where have all the small black business men gone that was striving before.
    Clearly the smallest child can see that the ruling DLP is a bunch of crooks and in bed with alot of drug dealers ,and crooked so called whitebusinessmen in bim


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