Hadana Ballantyne

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — HADANA BALLANTYNE — Hi Naked, my beef today is about a 36-year-old Hadana Ballantyne.  She is all about destroying lives.  She lies, w—–, steals, harbor drug lords, all to live a certain lifestyle.  Anyone who comes in contact with her ends up bewitch in many ways.

She harasses families until they are broken.  She pretends to be into the many men she is with until she has no more use for them or until they can’t offer her what she wants.  It is left to see how she will survive now that 2 out of her many associates are not in no more positions to maintain her.

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One got fired from his job with her, probably a setup by her.  And believe it, Rick, who was shot by horseshoe.  Rick was the ultimate provider though, when the funds was too much to carry home, it was left by her.

Shopping for her was a breeze, she gave him good loving, allowed him to take her at his will, all for that dirty prize money.

Now Rick is gone, she will have to find a way to sell off the stash kept by her so she could get the money.  Men need to stay away from this d—-se riddle bag.  She is bad news, turning tricks for a living.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Hadana Ballantyne”

  1. She is a dead woman walking. The word on the street is that they are some unsavoury types looking to send her to the westbury cementery.


    1. apparently your the one that should be dead. as you know so much. the word should be out for one of your sisters or your mother. your just as stupid as the person who posted that crap. god does not wear pajamas. a word to the wise is enough


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