Lewis in Shock after being Shot by Queen’s Goons

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BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — HENRY DEPEIZA LEWIS — No sooner than he was released from jail, Lewis finds himself shot up and back up at Dodds.   For a 19-year-old young man, he looks worn and tattered!  The whole of Barbados has now become a jail for this man!

HIS STORY:  “Ma’am on the 28th was a storm.  I was not fit to be outside.  On the 28th I had an altercation with the police around 9 a.m. in Reed Street ma’am . . . Police come beat me, I get shot in my foot,” the accused said.

“The storm coming too, but it ain’t come yet.  They call me outside . . . .   I see about 50 police officers.   First thing they shoot me, then I blank out.  I blank out ’bout four times ma’am . . . and quick so I find myself at the station at the Glebe . . . . and I see all these charge sheets all pun the 28th . . .  How all of that could have happen?”  Lewis further queried.

“Ma’am, that got me concerned ‘cause I now start my life over, I now get a job . . . going on a straight path . . . I got a child to support, I got myself to support . . . and now I back here in this court with all these charges.

“This can’t be right that at 19 years old I got all these charges ma’am.  I can’t believe this.  This ain’t right.  I deserve a chance.  I come home on the 22 of September . .  . the storm was on the 28th, it was really a storm for truth cause all of this would have to be a storm . . . Give me a chance this morning, ma’am.  Today is the 3rd. Start the 3rd with a new, New Year,” the accused pleaded.

Henry Lewis is now of the understanding of his third-world status and that all of Barbados is a JAIL.

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Lewis in Shock after being Shot by Queen’s Goons”

  1. The police in Barbados are corrupt I was setup by them and given many charge sheets got a lawyer and they were dismissed. From my experience there are many who appear before the Court charged wrongfully. In my case I refused to be blackmail by police and to give them money they asked for in the thousands. These guys can rape, lie, plant evidence to intimidate and charge anyone. It may be him today and you tomorrow.


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