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Brian Williams of Black Rock

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — BRIAN WILLIAMS — Naked, Brian lives down Black Rock and he is a cobra  in sheep clothing.  Naked about a couple of years ago he was talking to this young lady nick name RiRi.  I cannot recall her real name but I believe lives in the city.

Anyhow, de relationship was blinded by lies but she couldn’t see them.  As months went by Brian’s behavior changed dramatically and he started to mistreat the young lady.  He beat her real bad in the garage in the car and her thumb was lightly fractured.  He would sometimes lock her out of the house for no reason.  She was seeing more that hell.

Naked, during the last days of the relationship, he was up Spooner Hill supermarket waiting for the new woman in he van and RiRi happened to be shopping with friends.  All I saw RiRi do was smile everything off and left the supermarket car park.


I am glad she is doing great and well in health.  He is a bold-face liar and a woman beater.  That young lady used to treat he good but he deserves someone putting him in a coffin and drilling holes in it and pelting it in de ocean.  Just now I can assure you that the new woman ain’t gine last for a year cause he changing them faster than water.  He does tell the women he’s single just to get p**** .

His sins catching up with him for all the bad he do those other women.  New woman, you’re not the only one he’s dealing with and the same green car and silver van does be gine up Bush Hill every different night so check ya self.  He does be sending naked pictures to women and texts that are nasty.  He has a real bad background and he does do under cover things like  s*** any woman p****  also a** licking and gives them lots of money to hush up.  He mouth gine break out.   He lost a lot of weight; can never tell if he got sain already.

Women, I advise you not to trust him or go at he cause he’s armed and dangerous…  He’s more than a pile of used garbage..  New woman, his way of ending a relationship will result on him seeing other women behind your back and face and of course leaving you home and not picking up your calls…  New woman, he’s talking about leaving you and that you can’t do nothing proper and you never do nein for he.

He talks about how you wash out p**** dry and you ain’t exciting in de bedroom…  He’s has told a certain person that he just using you fa money and free p****.  He has texted his side lovers on many occasions but you will find out everything when the water boils over….  Pick sense from what I am telling you cause I am not trying to hurt anyone but this is all true..

He will never respect you.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. My life wasn’t easy wid Brian Williams and the abuse was real bad but the day I walk out he thought I would come back to him and he begged me to stay but I never looked back because the creator had greater plans for me.. He may have done me wrong but de tables have turn now.. I’m faithful to the works of the creator and my friends who were there when I need comfort


  2. Good women like that get involved with fucking idiots.. RiRi you over come everything in your life and I’m happy for you that you have a life without abuse and mistreatment. As for you Brian Williams you need more than help before someone end up killing ya fa de female family


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