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No Water, No Life — Barbados Falling Apart

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — WATER CRISIS — Naked, the water in the Belle area (in reality, all over Barbados) has become poisonous and the Canadian government is willing to help, but the dumb Barbados government is ignoring them.  Is the black government in Barbados trying to kill the black people on the island?   Anonymous

Now Mia Mottley’s finally caught a clue and is talking about a national (water) crisis!  Water in Barbados has always been in crisis mode.   Anonymous

Do you see the amount of deposit in your kettles?  Believe me, that is NOT normal.

THE STORIES (Nation):  Give the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) the lead role, and enlist the services of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) in a national effort to bring relief to residents of more than half the island’s parishes who have been starved for water for a considerable time. This was the advice of Opposition Leader Mia Mottley yesterday in an interview with the DAILY NATION, as she called on the private sector, the Church and other members of civil society to nudge Government into action on what she described as a national crisis. By moving water relief to the top of the national agenda, the St Michael North East MP said it would also allow the Government to clear six brand-new water tenders that are now sitting in the Bridgetown Port, while across a wide section of the country residents wait angrily for the Barbados Water Authority to deliver water to their homes and businesses.

And, Barbados Today:  As Barbados’ water woes continue to mount, a Canadian government official is demanding to know if Government has abandoned plans for the construction of a $40 million reverse osmosis project to improve the island’s dwindling supply of potable water.

Marc Parisien
Marc Parisien

Marc Parisien, head of the commercial section at the Canadian High Commission in Bridgetown, said the plant was earmarked to be built at the Belle pumping station with loan financing from Canadian agencies.  

The solution was first examined by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) in 2008 with the objective of ensuring dilution and reduction of contaminants in local water. At a 2012 media conference, officials reported that in some areas of the island, nitrate levels were approaching the threshold of ten milligrammes per litre set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

At the time, Minister of Water Resources Management Dr David Estwick had expressed concern about the levels of contaminants that threatened the island’s water supply as he announced Government’s intention to construct the facility.

Taking part in yesterday’s Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) business luncheon at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Parisien expressed disappointment that the project had not yet started. He also warned that the funding, which was being provided at a “very low” interest rate, would not be available forever.

“There is issue with climate change now; there is less rain in general, but basically we have been discussing for a long time about the Belle reverse osmosis project with Barbados and this is a $40 million project,” Parisien disclosed, addiing that only about 30 per cent of the island’s water was drinkable.

“But the level of pollution is rising rapidly as you are aware. Now it is still under what you call the World Health Organization standards, but if it reaches that standard . . . it means that suddenly 30 per cent of people in Barbados wouldn’t have water to drink. This could be a real disaster and this could be also [a disaster] for the tourism sector, and all that,” Parisien added.

“So we have put together a package to help Barbados actually to do the project. Basically, we sent a letter even to Prime Minister [Freundel] Stuart, I think to Minister Estwick also and it was approved by Parliament to our knowledge, but when it goes to the Ministry of Finance for the funding to do the project, it gets stuck. 

“The issue is that we have a package together now. We work with Canadian Commercial Corporation, we work with Export Development Canada and we have a very, very low interest rate average for Barbados to do that now, but we cannot hold this package forever because otherwise they may want to go to other islands with these types of projects also,” he cautioned.

Directing his question to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, Parisien said while he understood Government was currently struggling with its fiscal and debt challenges, he wanted to know if the project was still important for the country, “because we just feel like if it is not done, we would like to know why”.

“Certainly the pollution level is too high and the people [in Canada] are asking what is the Barbados Government doing about it,” he said. “So we just want to know what is the position of Government and is it still important for the Government? . . . . But we expect that this would be approved and we can start the project as soon as possible, so you don’t get a surprise in six months, a year or two with this big issue in Barbados.”

Sinckler opted, however, not to respond to the matter.

“Unfortunately, I am incapable of responding to that question in this forum. I actually think it is not the type of question you ought to have asked in this forum and therefore I am not going to [respond],” he said.

“I have a very perfect response to what you are saying but it is not for this occasion and therefore I am going to do, unlike our compatriots on the West Indies team, I am going to let that ball pass outside the off stump and go to the wicket keeper,” he stressed.

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  1. this is how thy attack a country infrastructure they have the Barbados light & power now they are working around the clock on the Barbados Water Authority lovely Bajans are dumb c**ts..


  2. Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 11:03 AM
    Subject: Fwd: was cleaning out my email this was sent to me since 5/07 – interesting (profane) read!

    Bajans are C—s :

    Bajans are C**ts. The following is definitely worth reading. It was written by some foreigner on a UWI forum:

    Listen, why pop that vein in your head worrying about these idiots? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate just the Bajans here, I hate all Bajans equally. The Bajans on the other hand are probably saying “whatever deeeeeeewd”. They don’t realize the folly of their ways. They don’t know they are cts!! If they knew they were cts, they would stop selling all their land to foreigners. They save the West Coast land for white people, price it at triple what it has to be worth and give their own people tennantry land that would have the occasional mudslide and destroy their chattel houses when a odd bit of rain comes. Then the Barbadians wonder why there is so much crime. Obviously, if the only people enjoying the beauty and “wealth” of Barbados are foreigners and the few “rich Barbadians”, the average Barbadian who leaves school with 3 CXC’s, lives in a housing area, and grew up struggling would feel bad enough to fk a bullet in them and destroy the island. And now, let’s go to the “rich Bajans”. Do you know how somebody like Butch Stewart would say that he is rich because he owns airlines, Sandals, properties and stock? Well, an a in Barbados would have about $25,000 on a bank account and will feel that he is rich. He will then go into any one of these neighborhoods; Fort George Heights, Rowans, Tino Terrace, Atlantic Shores, Sandy Lane?, etc. They buy land there for about $12 a square foot and use the $25,000 as collateral, get a $100,000 bank loan, build a house, buy an expensive car, and live in debt for 60 years. Meanwhile, they will send their children to a white school such as St. Winifreds, St. Gabriels or St. Angelas to ‘integrate’ and make ‘connections’, where they will also spend hundreds of dollars a term to keep up appearances, while they secretly do nasty things behind closed doors to make ends meet. Their offspring are now the second generation of ctles that will be running around Barbados after their parents (thankfully) die. Have any of you ever met a second generation cthe? My advice is that you vist a school called Harrison College, or St. Michael’s Secondary or the best, Queen’s College. Second generation cthes are even worse than the first generation, simply because they do not know that what their parents show them is all a lie, so they actually feel important. They speak, walk and behave differently than the regular folk, and they usually feel as though they are important. You can find the third generation cuhos at Barbados Community College who fancy keeping up appearances with chic and bougee lifestyles, while the same cthe parents impress it upon their nature. The average Barbadian upon looking at these people believes that this is what you are supposed to be like. 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  4. Look I work at de air port I can’t see every thing but I does see them ministers getting on planes like if they are getting on a ZR man .
    I heard Crist sinkiller said in de house that de opposition know the nitrates are getting in de water in de bell and they still complaining now they getting the de bushing program to de bush de bell ,he was replying when de opposition was accused DLP of employing people to get votes. I know people was dying from the water not meters check and see de ministers does drink imported water ,I been drinking it for four years now I realized pipe water was making me feel sick .This 50th birthday is really the 50th death of Barbados, Barbados is sick and dying she can’t get water she is dehydrated she can’t get rid of she waste she constipated ,she pressure high cause of crime and violence she can’t get a bus to get to de doctor,she man Chris sinkiller and he friends thieving all she money and got she in debts and everybody down gradeing she she can’t get medication or test done cause every time she go to de hospital machines breakdown,she went to de welfare and de people tell she ya son short change we , and da can’t help she she can’t take na more she on she last leg .she soon dead.


  5. Kill off every frigging black Bajan,and we can make , more money than Maloney, COW or Bizzy are now paying us, by selling to foreigners far and wide. And for those Bajans we need to work as servants, chauffeurs, and general dog bodies in these million dollar home homes,providing the owners do not want work permits to bring in non-nationals,we can take care of by the compulsory placement of them in the purpose-built Coverley Concentration Camp.
    But, here no Arbeit will ever make them free.
    —-Circa 1832 Revisited. Once again sold out , but this time by our Afro-Bajan brothers,sister, sons and daughters.—


  6. Dear Analyzer Chris Stinkler is not on Government business. He is on his way to the offshore bank to ensure his money is in safe hands. He was not caught at the Airport like Lashley so he is free to go where he pleases and to hell with us


  7. For them to even get the money to build, Once again you have to know who owns the land,No smart lawful government will give Barbados DBLP government money to build any thing without checking to see who own the land … So the hold up maybe land ownership of “clear title”
    Barbados is being held up from building based on the Massive Land fraud, As we can see that no media ever ask these crooks who owns the land, But we know its not the government nor the ministers for they never paid the owners of the land, Beatrice Henry 1985 to Violet Beckles 2010, This is clear title for 90 years running, now in 2016.Study the land History and find all the crooks in government,


    1. So Violet, it’s easier to get land to build a headquarters but to build a plant there is no available land? What you fail to say is this Gov is who choose the belle, if the land is unavailable, f**king find an available place, gov have land all over the place, unlike you and the dlp who only see roadblocks,,other bajans see solutions, so STFU if you in the path of progress. As it relates to land history you hv a point but if this land issue had to completely blow up, 90% of these (politicians, lawyers, and big business) would be in de shithole for stealing but it would never happen when the entire system is built to preserve and protect the pecking order.


  8. What type of developing country, on the fiftieth anniversary of its independence, cannot even provide the most basic of life’s essentials, water for its populace? Barbados is shameful, and the political establishment is full of idiot savants. This so-called opposition leader is now almost one year later addressing the issue, as if the issue just happened yesterday, please! Not until these politicians are forced to suffer like the masses, will they be able to feel the suffering of the people, and adjust to the sensitivities of the masses. The political elites and the 5% of Barbados are in cahoots, and the 95% slave population are further oppressed by the people, that are supposed to look out for their welfare.


  9. He can run from the problems he and the governmet created, but they will all still be waitingfor him when he returns, those problems are going nowhere until they fix them.


  10. Chris Sinclair was on CBC TV news 3 nights in a row in the same suit, the same interview and he was on a AA flight yesterday, he isn’t even on the island. How long is he gone for and who is looking after the country’s matters when it is in a crisis?


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