Bajans should be SHAME!!!!

Bajans are *****, a Foreigner’s View

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Bajans are C**ts.  The following is definitely worth reading.  It was written by some foreigner on a UWI forum:

“Listen, why pop that vein in your head worrying about these idiots?  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate just the Bajans here, I hate all Bajans equally.  They don’t realize the folly of their ways.  They don’t know they are c**ts!!  If they knew they were c**ts, they would stop selling all their land to foreigners.

They save the West Coast land for white people, price it at triple what it has to be worth and give their own people tenantry land that would have the occasional mudslide and destroy their chattel houses when an odd bit of rain comes.  Then the Barbadians wonder why there is so much crime.  Obviously, if the only people enjoying the beauty and “wealth” of Barbados are foreigners and the few “rich Barbadians”, the average Barbadian who leaves school with 3 CXC’s, lives in a housing area, and grew up struggling would feel bad enough to f**k a bullet in them and destroy the island.

And now, let’s go to the “rich Bajans”.  Do you know how somebody like Butch Stewart would say that he is rich because he owns airlines, Sandals, properties and stock?  Well, an a** in Barbados would have about $25,000 on a bank account and will feel that he is rich. He will then go into any one of these neighborhoods; Fort George Heights, Rowans, Tino Terrace, Atlantic Shores, Sandy Lane?, etc.  They buy land there for about $12 a square foot and use the $25,000 as collateral, get a $100,000 bank loan, build a house, buy an expensive car, and live in debt for 60 years.

Meanwhile, they will send their children to a white school such as St. Winifreds, St. Gabriels or St. Angelas to ‘integrate’ and make ‘connections’, where they will also spend hundreds of dollars a term to keep up appearances, while they secretly do nasty things behind closed doors to make ends meet.  Their offspring are now the second generation of c**t**les that will be running around Barbados after their parents (thankfully) die.

Have any of you ever met a second generation c**th**e?  My advice is that you visit a school called Harrison College, or St. Michael’s Secondary or the best, Queen’s College.  Second generation c**th**es are even worse than the first generation, simply because they do not know that what their parents show them is all a lie, so they actually feel important.  They speak, walk and behave differently than the regular folk, and they usually feel as though they are important.

You can find the third generation cu**ho**s at Barbados Community College who fancy keeping up appearances with chic and bougee lifestyles, while the same c**th**e parents impress it upon their nature.  The average Barbadian upon looking at these people believes that this is what you are supposed to be like.  They model the second generation cu**h**es, and change their accent, clothing and associations at great expense.

Most of them are successful, which is why the teenage age group is so rampant with those c—ts who go to Harbour Lites and frequent the white zones in Quiksilver and Billabong.  The other unsuccessful (yet sensible) ones who do not model the second generation c**th**es are the closest to West Indian you will get.  Unfortunately, the second generation cu**th**es call them such things as “ghetto”, “scalliwag” or “thug”.

When one hears these words often enough, he will begin to become it, which is why you find that there are so many crimes and so many boys on the block.  To become a police officer is a suicide of the future for when cu**h**es riot, other cu**h**es who use the protect serve and reassure logo to place themselves higher than the average cu**t**le will wonder why all cu**ho**s can’t get along together all because the second generation cu**ho**s have dictated to the normal Bajan that he is worthless.

Are you seeing the trend?

C**ts are dictating things.  There are also c**ts in the government, (your Prime Minister doing extreme c**t) who will spend your taxpayers’ money on luxuries for themselves and who will make benefits and exemptions for the rich, while the poor have to wait until 70 or die before they collect National Insurance payments, (and the young people who we classify as c**ts still won’t have a decent job).

They will soon eat concrete after they destroy their agricultural land for houses, malls, supermarkets and car dealerships who sell so many cars that the roads come to a standstill at most hours of the day.  They will reap the ill fruits of their “development” when the tourists realize that the Barbados model is no longer Caribbean.  When the tourist dollar leaves Barbados the island will die.  They don’t have the natural resources of Guyana (an island they scorn), the oil of Trinidad (an island they think is less than them because it has a US$1-TT$6 exchange rate) and they don’t have the land or human resources of St. Lucia (an island whose people they think are stupid).  In short, Barbados will soon die a natural and very anticipated, death.

When you put c**ts at the helm, something dramatic happens.  EVERYTHING GOES WRONG.  The day when the sun rises on the Caribbean and Barbados remains in darkness is soon coming.  The c**th**es will propagate their generations and an island of c**ts will not survive.

We, the other Caribbean people, can show Barbados the folly of her ways, but it is oh so entertaining to see Bajans fool themselves while they’re unknowingly suffering.  Let me end here with a quote from the Bible.

“A house divided against itself, can not stand”.

BARBADOS!  Wake up, you stupid sons and daughters of bi**hes.”   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. The truth hurts. Bajan , forner, man or woman , this is how it is in Barbados. Many of us who have lived overseas, and have returned home, have noticed this ,Dipper Barrow’s trend of Champagne taste with mauby pockets.
    We as a people has lost it. As soon as the Chinese set roots in Barbados, we black Barbadians will be further demoted to fourth class citizens, behind the Whites, Asians and the same Chinese.
    Ask anyone of the Close Brethren businessmen who do a roaring trade in many spheres with black Bajans, how many CXC’s or Degrees that they possess. The only bits of papers that they have Mastered are those carrying the images of Grantley Adams and Errol Barrow, among others
    As a people we ain’t piss when de gully out.,and no effing thanks to the so-call educated and political classes.


  2. That is not a foreigner that wrote that. That is a disgruntled BAJAN woman who probably didn’t make it at UWI . Maam,you at UWI and found so much time an energy to write SH8 ? not knowing that the time you took out to write this piece of garbage you could have been
    You EXPOSED yourself after the 4th paragraph and that is when I stopped reading your DIATRIBE.
    You need to go and wipe ya mout and flush it…ya


  3. The person who wrote this speaks the truth. It is such a shame. Your ancestors worked hard under the whip to work these lands and bajans owns less than half of it. There are people out there who have never been to Barbados or who have never even heard of Barbados, but yet are entitled to property there. Property that you would only be caught dead or working on. You can’t even enjoy the beaches there. They go out on their balconies to a breeze right off the ocean, looking upon the niggers in the yard who are being paid $50.00 a day to clean up the dog shit and manicure their lawns, all the while, you’re living in nothing but squalor. The most shameful part of the entire situation is that you can’t even give a bajan direction and it is truly sad. Stockholm syndrome is real in the Barbadian society.


    1. you, u got to be kidding me. Hardly any BAJANS go into white people homes and clean. You better check the foreigners that do it. the jamacians, Guyanese, lucians. If bajans in these times a minute percentage. Get your facts straight.


    2. That does not give her the right to call all bajans !!! ALL BAJANS!! wanna know everybody in Barbados, I hope to God that you are not a Bajan and if you are then you obviously fall under her category, regardless of your nationality you fall into the category, you and her. If this person is a foreigner she needs to check for her home country instead of publicly insulting Bajans, do you not realise that this is a site that can be accessed from people all over the world? “Bajans are ” thats the headline, think about it. As for the information give me statistics to back up this story please! You know what is a fact ? Barbados dollar is still worth more than the other Caribbean countries SO “The day when the sun rises on the Caribbean and Barbados remains in darkness is soon coming.” We are not in the darkness.. ! We are leading the way to bring your sorry ass out of the darkness! FALL THE BACK!


  4. You try hard from how you wrote this piece to fit in and didn’t make it. So sorry but life goes on. All the hard work you put in and what nothing to show at the end of the day but to put down Bajans. If you look in the mirror and don’t like what is looking back at you do something about it.


  5. Once it bad, don’t care how true, bajans normally shoot the messenger, and destroy the message hopefully before any tourists see it. Apparently bajan pride means bending reality in your own mind until you believe that things are perfect, and attacking all criticism. Just wait for some of those said c–ts to come with their programmed knee-jerk, salmon tot retriever swill ’bout “if you doan like we/ um lef’.”

    Unfortunately some are so adamant about not admitting any flaw that instead of working on the problems so no one has anything legitimate to say, they deny, even to themselves, things that are in plain sight and would be obvious to all except the total fool, and that is what really makes people look stupid. As such, the real problems stay and worsen, and the ones who see the problems, and who call for solutions, become the problem… principles aren’t free; they come at a cost. “The emperor’s new clothes” comes to mind everyday.


  6. Barbadians listen to three set of people the politician,priest and the Doctor as Gospel who is owned by the Bizzy and his criminal minds, that is why we live our old age on this rock rather then go see the world, we end going to a church of poison and the Polyclinic only to received experimental drugs that is killing us out. and it is true we are stupid people just see us in action on a day to day basic.********


  7. And that is why the stinking “welfare rat” of the 5% minority “welfare rats” brigade, the mediocre Bizzy, wants to get full control of the police force, too finish them all off, once and for all.

    Ignorance and stupidity have been known to kill generations of foolish people.


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