Jennifer Delgado didn’t say Haitians ate MUD PIES

HAITI/USA (Naked Departure) — JENNIFER DELGADO dodged the bullet!  Jennifer, like most Americans, tend to think about food in terms of items on the supermarket shelves and restaurant cuisines.  It does not enter the average American’s mind that coconuts, for example, come from the coconut palm they sometimes see lining beaches.  They know of coconuts, but they don’t know where they come from.

Same thing with cane, cashews, bammy, ackee, and the whole host of other (novelty) foods well-known in the Americas — it’s in the best interest of the people in these places to know how to grow and harvest their foods.  Bet you Americans don’t know or won’t recognize the plant where sugar comes from.  And, they don’t need to know.

America is a packaged-deal society.  Third-world and other poor countries do the work and they (the Americans) go and purchase the packaged product.  America is first world, rich and got it going on like that!

Now this woman Jennifer Delgado dodged a big bullet.  She could have mentioned that people in Haiti eat mud, also known as mud pies and raise dead people from the grave.  Thank God for that small miracle!!!


Naked Departure

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