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Mr. Miller of Dash Valley

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I live in Barbados all my life and I be the first the say I know Bajans.  But I think being a fan of ND made me wiser tho cause you never look at yourself.  ND is my reminder.

Naked, I had a Naked Departure.  The man even went to the bank to try to cash one of my checks and put in big amount to cash out.  He went to the wrong Scotia branch cause they call me cause the amount was high and it had the wrong name.

Mr. Miller of Dash Valley, you lose.  I suspected all the lovie dovie was for his own selfish reasons and I could not shake the ND daily reminders.  It was all so similar like these man all become con men reading the same fraud book.  Thank you Naked.

I signed the check with a wrong name because he promised to hold the check until other work was done but he broke the agreement.  We were supposed to be partners but I didn’t trust him and police here are useless.  Had he been able to cash that money Naked, I would be running on empty because the other important parts of the agreement were not met.

Thank you Naked.  I know these things but having you is keeping me on my toes.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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