Philip Davis of Steam and Gleam

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PHILIP DAVIS — Naked, these people feel they real smart. Over a month ago Philip Davis of Steam And Gleam in Lower Estate along with his wife were escorted off their property by Bailiffs acting for a Financial Institution for non payment for Mortgage.  So what? you might ask.

Naked, when he got evicted his good friend David Leacock came and opened up his property across the road for his good friend to store equipment as he scrambled to find a place to put his stuff.  Davis, who has weekly visits from the RBPF in relation to non payment of staff, was allowed to move back in Temporarily… that time has passed it seems.

David Leacock and his tenant Transform Auto seem to have a very poor relationship, I recall reading that Sunil Brome said he got a call from his attorney… from his attorney???, this seem a little strange.  I would have called my tenant myself had I heard of a fire… I’m just saying.  So this fire… did I mention Mr. Leacock is on the board of TRIDENT INSURANCE and a little behind on his mortgage too.

Anyway Naked, the police asked Mr. Davis’ wife about their camera footage as cameras seem to point in the direction of the shop.  Cameras not working.  That is not all, she then asked when would the investigations finish as she was due to move in.

A lot of fishy business going on!  It would be interesting to know if Trident will wait for the Police report or payout immediately for this well-contained fire.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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