Sharon Kellman

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHARON KELLMAN — Naked, this woman is giving us good women a lot of trouble.  She dwells on making the lives of people a living hell.  I really don’t understand why she would not leave other people’s men.

All the men at KM2 solutions know this woman.  She does not care about that because she is broke and has nothing to assist her living expenses, although her aunt felt sorry for her.  Instead of you Sharon being so loose with your fast self and stop endangering people with your careless lifestyle, you should be responsible and practice living life on the safe side.

Look at you.  All you can do is wear make up to hide the poxs in your breaking out skin.  Why don’t you get a life or do yourself a favour and HANG YOURSELF.  Can’t you see that after all you have done, no one wants you.

You’re very lonely and the only friends you have is your son.  You better get him checked because he has your blood.  If you want to be so nasty and manipulative, you should clean your windows before you try to destroy others.

You’re nothing but a sad, sorry, stupid b**ch who needs a life!  Grow up!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. well well well, life now catch up to you. destructive dog. your a wicked nasty f—-p with anybody rat. stop cleaning people windows and clean your muck. you really think that your untouchable. stop being so natsy and go clean yah std’s


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